A Lot of Industrialists and Politicians Oppose the Scientists who Want Help Avert Global Warming Disaster

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The interested parties in these claims are industrialists and politicians. They are much interested in industrial development for economic prosperity. Their wish is to oppose the scientists who believe that most human activities cause global warming (Cook et al., 2016). These politicians will at times advocate for environmental conservation mechanisms and promote mushrooming of industries. That leads to the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere and massive clearing of forest land for urbanization and infrastructural development.

For instance, in a congressional hearing, the US minister of energy one Rick Perry rubbished a statement by scientists on human beings contributing to global warming as indefensible claims. It shows how leaders do not want to acknowledge their hands in this disaster. Human beings’ activities have contributed more than natural factors to global warming. That fact that should not conflict with any sane person’s thoughts. Thus the environment is changing as humans continue to develop. It has led to an increase in many human populations and thus getting into the natural habitats like clearing forests and settling on riparian areas. Which destroy natural water resources thus the onset of dry spells. We must understand that as human beings our development should be a great round and not that one side's improvement destroys another side.

For example, human population increase should not be the cause for the invasion of forest lands. We should look for ways to irrigate arid and semi-arid areas and make them suitable for settlement (Cook et al., 2016). A more significant part of the earth is a sterile area while only a part of it is arable land. If we can, so, take the initiative, the massive destructions and future climates uncertainties would be the least of our worries. The damages are altering the lifespan of our precious planet, and if we fail to check on them before it is too late, lose it altogether even before we know it. In 2013 IPCC did an assessment report that stated that over half of the seen changes and growth in the temperature of the surface.

Human activities have a radiative forcing that alters the standard ecological system. The warming we get from greenhouse gases is a result of the offset by Sulphur dioxide with other fossil fuel combustion products that form the atmospheric aerosols. The aerosols cause the formation of reflective clouds which result in the cooling of the earth (Pachauri et al., 2014). There are changes in how the alteration of land use. For example, cutting down, trees lead to direct rays of the sun hitting on the ground which will increase the amount of sunlight. That gets back into the atmosphere Fallacies. Which have existed in the global warming discussions is that one, global climate has been changing over time since time immemorial. It explains that extreme weather conditions happening is a natural occurrence rather than the results of human activities.

The physical phenomena include volcanic events and the position of the earth on its axis. Where at times it is near or far from the sun (Schlesinger, & Bernhardt, 2013). Another fallacy says that carbon dioxide is too minimal to account for global warming and other factors like water vapor. Which accounts for much percentage of the atmosphere are the real cause of trapping the excess sun’s heat from escaping into outer space. There is also a fallacy that scientists and weather forecasts maintain the presence of climate change to continue getting funds for their good and to conduct research. Scientists have found facts supporting that human activities have contributed to global warming.

They have done so by tracking the presence of global warming players like carbon dioxide and other pollutants and comparing their quantity in today’s environment and that of the pre-industrial era. Scientists have tracked the volume of the ice masses in the Greenland and Arctic areas over the last 20 years. And their an increase in surface temperature has caused this. This period is when most world states began large-scale industrial development. In connection to that, they also agree that the annual mean Arctic sea-ice extent has reduced at the same time this is due to the melting of ice due to warmth. The sea level is also rising at a higher rate in this century compared to other centuries. It is according to their ‘Fifth Assessment Report of 2014’.

To assess the probability of human passivity as the primary lead to global warming, we need to come up with counter activities. And we will see whether we can reduce the rate of climate change. It includes controlled industrial developments and reducing their rate of growth by a certain percentage over a stipulated period (Schlesinger, & Bernhardt, 2013). It will help know the extension of pollutants like carbon dioxide concentration and the rate of sea rise. Controlled agricultural activities should also practice reducing damage caused by deforestation. In conclusion, human activities have caused global warming, and the answer to solve this menace can also come from us. We can solve this by completely altering our lifestyles and changing for the better. Reclamation of destroyed forest covers should be a significant step and also controlled development together with conservation measures on our environment can help avert this disaster.

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