Global Warming is Happening

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Global warming is happening but is it an immediate emergency. Not necessarily because yes we may be feeling effects of it now but we cant be sure whether the change in climate is because of natural reasons or because of our greenhouse gas emissions. The reason that we can't tell is because we started to take not of temperatures and get into meteorology at the coldest non ice age point in our planet's history. We can tell that this was the coldest point because of the data that we have gotten from the ice cores from greenland.

Having this data we can see the temperature of the times when the different layers of ice were formed to see the fluxuations in the temperature over the years. Now don't get me wrong it is an issue but until that we can prove its man made warming there is nothing we can do sure we can cut down on factory emissions and fossil fuels but if this warming period is not man made we will see zero changes and people will freak out more. So in my scientific opinion we should make a plan in case it is man made but we should not activate this plan until we no for one hundred percent sure that it is man made warming because if it not man made it could make a lot of people mad at the government more than they already are.

Plus even if global warming was happening to a dangerous rate it's probably too late to change it enough to save us because if it is warming up that hot that fast we just simply don't have enough time at that point. Needless to say that it isn't happening and this can be proved by ice cores and the rings in the trees trunks that climate temperature fluctuations are normal and have happened before we even invented the wheel so we will have to see if the warming stops and goes down again which it most likely will because this is all normal and it is a consequence of use ing out of the little ice age in europe the planet is heating back up.

Now again if it really is happening and this is man made we may be done for already because we are constantly putting huge amounts of carbon dioxide in the air every day which in the IPCC's eyes and opinions is the cause of this warming period that we are in is not just simply going to stop just because a few government officials say that we need to people will need a new fuel for their cars we will need new ways to make products that does not release carbon dioxide as a product as well as figure out a way to use up the oxygen that is in the atmosphere in the air already which will be difficult to do mainly because no one is going to make an air filter the size of a space station. Which means that we are screwed when that time come people may as well kiss their loved ones good bye buy a bunker horde food and ac units and hope for the best because there will be no way that you can get an entire planet to cooperate with you to do one thing even if it will save their live people are way too stubborn.

Now thats not to say that if the government makes carbon dioxide producing things illegal may help a lot but i can guarantee you that it won't help enough to make a difference and change the fate that we have been helping to make since before the industrial revolution. Not even starting with the fact that the science that the IPPC are giving us to prove their theory about global warming is incomplete. We started looking at climate changes at the coldest point in the last one thousand years which means yeah there will be a warming period because after its cold it gets warm after it gets warm it will get cold again that is just how life works that is how it has always worked why we are making a huge deal about it now is beyond me but it is really uncalled for. 

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