One of the Main Causes of Global Warming

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Fossil fuels give off carbon dioxide when used as a fuel in vehicles, industries, etc. Deforestation to make space for houses and provide wood for furniture and paper products results in an overall reduction in the amount of trees. Plants absorb carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and in their respiration process leaves oxygen, which animals and living organisms need to breathe. Together the effects of increased burning of the fossil fuels while reducing the stock of trees leads to an unbalanced amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is believed to be one of the main causes of Global warming.

Global warming problems are getting worse because of the increase in amounts of carbon dioxide being produced. The excess carbon dioxide continues to diminish the density of the ozone layer, which protects the earth. If the ozone layer is destroyed or a solution to ozone layer reduction is not invented, then the sun is likely to start to burn everything slowly, killing all plants, animal and the existence of every living organism. Scientists believe this can happen over time as the water evaporates quicker than ever before and wild fires would not be as uncommon. 

The ozone layer is being destroyed as people use more fossil fuel and kill plants for their own needs. In the process they decrease the ozone layer slowly and scientists don’t know how to fix the problem as yet. As the layer becomes less dense more energy from the sunlight reaches the earth making it hotter. People solution is to buy A/C units to counter the heat but this causes the problem to become worse because the A/C units use a lot of electricity (made mostly by fossil fuels) and it would probably work harder as it gets hotter and may stay on all day to counteract the heat. A/C units also contribute other greenhouse gasses from refrigerant leakage. As the earth gets hotter the demand for A/C units would increase and then places will need A/C units to be liveable. 

One major effect of the gradual rise in the average temperature of the earth is the loss of habitats. This temperature rise has caused the melting of ice caps and a rise in the sea level, which covers more of the land. In colder climates for instance, polar bears and walruses have to deal with large areas of water making it more difficult to find land or solid ice to rest and regain energy while hunting. Other creatures that depend on the icy land to live will also eventually die out. 

In warmer climates the sea level rise floods shallow land which submerges buildings and makes many areas more difficult to live so people move to higher ground. Coral reefs suffer because they will be lower under water. Coral reefs depend on the algae to live therefore it dies out and all the fish that took refuge in the coral reef will eventually leave.?

Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has been blamed for the gradual increase in temperature of the earth. The rising temperature has caused melting of ice regions, which has caused the sea level to rise. The rising sea level has submerged more land area causing people to move to higher ground that leads to cutting down more trees to make space for new houses, which makes the problem worse. Many scientists are trying to figure out how to break the cycle before too much damage is done since most of the damage can’t be reversed.  

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