Causes of Global Warming

Causes of Global Warming

Climate has changed rapidly for 50 years. Recently, we can feel the temperature is changing rapidly and environmental experts also agree with this. In the world, a lot of countries are greatly affected by the warming of the earth especially the Maldives.

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The island’s highest location is only about 2.5 meters above sea level. Maldives is at risk of being completely submerged due to global warming and sea level. The government has said they will extract tourism revenue to build artificial islands for its residents who are likely to become homeless; moreover, carbon dioxide has risen by 1,000 times compared to it 100 years ago and humans play an important role in raising CO2. Global warming is caused by natural and human activities that negatively affects life.

The first cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. Ozone depletion, this layer has the effect of stopping ultraviolet rays from falling to the earth, areas that are depleted of the ozone layer, desertification, no longer reducing the daytime temperature to increase night temperature. So, it is so hot during the day, but cold at night. The causes of global warming include emissions of methane in greater amount of the Arctic. Volcanic eruptions are also one of the causes of global warming. Environment changes lead to inflated earth surface temperatures that cause the ice in Antarctic waters.

Ice melts to reveal permanent, eternal ice, this permanent carbon dioxide will be part of the Earth’s carbon cycle, while fewer trees on Earth cannot regulate CO2 levels; Thus, it leads to increasing global warming.
The second cause of global warming is human activities. The process of industrialization and modernization generates a wide range of types of exhaust gas plants. Factories produce a lot of products for the industries, so the factories emit a lot of gas into the environment which raise the temperature of the earth’s surface. In addition, people use a lot of public transportation such as car, motorbike, planes, so on. This also contributes to polluting the air and causing global warming.

Deforestation is the third cause of global warming. Natural CO2 gas will be planted photosynthetic oxygen to regenerate, but more and more forests are destroyed so there are not enough green trees to dissolve CO2 to make the earth increasingly hot. The forests are so devastated that the sun shines on the earth without the green foliage of the trees; thus, shining directly on the ground, forming arid, hot and desert areas. In the rainy season, there is no forest to keep the water, so the floods will cause the drought until the dry season.
In conclusion, these are just a few of the many causes of global warming. Nevertheless, global warming is caused by natural and human activities that negatively affects life.

Many argue that global warming is a slow process, and it will take long time for all these devastating effects take place. But they forget that global warming is raising rapidly. We need to do something to save the earth, and must be responsible to the environment. People should move to walking, biking, using buses, instead, using motorbikes or cars when going to school or going out, and find ways to limit using of energy from gasoline, coal, or oil. Then, we can learn about the use of solar energy, and actively plant trees to help reduce CO2 in the environment.      

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