CO2 and Solution of Global Warming

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Mother earth or the earth that we are living in is in danger. Global warming is been threat-ening the world for more than two centuries. The atmosphere around the world is changing, and gradually getting hotter causing a lot of changes in the behavior of earth. Greenhouse effect manip-ulation is considered the main cause of the global warming. The production of these greenhouse gasses and sending it into the atmosphere around the world is causing many current issues such as wildfires, frequent hurricane, tsunamis, and sewer draught all around the world. The world has done very less to prevent yet to become the worst in the history of mankind.

Usage of fossil re-maining in factories, powerplants and cars is increasing with time and is making the situation worst from what it is. Fossil remaining such as oil and coal is producing too much Co2, which is one of the main gasses that observe more sun radiation and causes heat. Finding alternative to Co2 or a way to catch it before it goes free can be the only solution to our problems. Global warming was not an issue 200 years prior to this date. Scientist believes that with birth of industrial revolution global warming increased.

We humans greedily started to use more fossil remaining and coal. This process polluted the atmosphere with gasses more than its original quantity. One of the gas that coal and fossil remains produce is Co2 an invisible tasteless gas. Plan-et earth has Co2 in a very generous amount, from the air we humans, animals and trees breath to the coal we find in caves and the atmosphere that surround our planet as a shield, Co2 is everywhere. But the question rises that having this amount of harmless Co2 is a good thing or a bad? Co2 is a harmless gas to us until it is being used in an intense amount and manipulating the greenhouse ef-fect with adding more Co2 to it can cause a problem and that’s what’s happening right now.

Atmosphere that covers our world is consist of several types of gases. Major gasses that exist in atmosphere are (Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, fluorocarbons, and ozone), these gases are the reason that today earth is livable for human beings as author Marilyn A. Brown in Greenhouse Gases has explained the importance of these gases “GHGs allow Earth to be habitable—without them, the average temperature of the planet would be –18 °C instead of 15 °C…” from which each of these gases contribution into the greenhouse effect is Water Vapor 36-70%, Carbon Dioxide 9-26%, Methane 4-9% and Ozone 3-7%.

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