Global Warming Fact or Fiction

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Occasionally, there is an ice age, like the last ice age we had or even the one before. Was there any release of carbon dioxide from humans? No. Ever since the industrial revolution, global temperatures have climbed, but how many people owned cars and how many manufacturing factories were there burning fossil fuels in the industrial revolution? Through natural processes, like biotic organisms respirating, volcanism, etc. greenhouse gasses are created.

Gases like nitrates and carbon dioxide are naturally released. Through the geological time scale, global warming has always occurred. Humans are not the cause but just contribute to the problem.
“Earth has experienced climate change in the past without help from humanity. We know about past climates because of evidence left in tree rings, layers of ice in glaciers, ocean sediments, coral reefs, and layers of sedimentary rocks” (National Research Council). Before people start blaming people as a whole, realize that humans have existed on the Earth for thousands of years without significantly impacting the environment until the past two centuries on the onset of mass industrialization and agriculture. So, do not say humans are a cancer that do not deserve the Earth, but the problem is how we are living the modern life. Human society is living with the highest standards in history, but the modern life comes with costs.

Consumerism with one use products such as wrappers and boxes for the products some people take granted for creates a lot of trash. The electricity we use for all our mechanical processes are mostly created by burning fossil fuels (Renewable Energy such as solar can only do so much). The Cars and computer that you use to live your modern life were created by factories that emit greenhouse gases and require the mining of resources that shift the surface. Here is the hard truth. Consumerism and the modern life is a great life, but that comes with clear costs. If you truly want to save the Earth, then understand that humans as a whole must sacrifice many of its wants and desires and basically live with less in order to leave a smaller environmental impact. Until people figure out a way to somehow collect and recycle all the waste created by constant buying, spending, and throwing away of our trash, this is the only realistic option if we want to protect the planet in the long run.

Global Warming has been happening longer than we have been alive, it is just recently that the weather effects have become so acute that they are mentioned on the nightly news. Global Warming is superimposed over natural patterns, those patterns are still there but are overwhelmed by the greenhouse effect. Governments are acting against GW, even if they are not advertising it. CO2 sequestering and H2 alternative fuel are two of the largest international projects (still underfunded) in the US Dept of Energy. California is changing their building code to account for GW. One benefit of politics, maybe the only benefit, is that governments change. It might be too late to fix some things, it may not be too late to fix others. It will be too late if we all sit in a circle peeing on each other arguing whether or not we should get up off our butts and do more.


We have gone through several ice ages and eventually there will be another one, in many, many thousands of years. Since the end of the last glacial age, about 10,000 years ago, the earth has been in a warming stage. This is a natural cycle of the earth. Don't worry, nothing catastrophic is going to happen in your lifetime. There are things that people can do about pollution and to quit adding to greenhouse gases, but this will not stop global warming. It might slow it down, but very little. Nature will prevail, and the planet will continue to warm until this present cycle is over. Read any book on climatology and you will see this is correct.  

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