Jaden Mrs. Springer English Running Track & Field

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The Olympic Games began in the year 776 BC, when Koroibos, a cook from the nearby city of Elis, won the stadium foot race that was 600 feet long. According to the website www.athleticscholarships.net, track and field was the only athletic event of the games for the first 13 Olympic festivals. Over the years, many athletes got faster, and if they were fast enough, they could become a famous star, like Usain Bolt.

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“Jaden Mrs. Springer English Running Track & Field”

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Usain Bolt is widely considered to be the greatest sprinter of all time.¨He (Bolt) has really been a game-changer for the sport” says Christian Taylor, an American track and field athlete who ranks second on the all-time list in the triple jump. According to the NYTimes website, he is a world record holder for the 100 meter, 200 meter, and the 4 × 100-meter relay. The website also states that In the year 2012, he won three Olympic gold medals This is important because it shows that he was the best at all three of his events. Bolt also holds the world record for top speed ever recorded, which is about 28 mph, according to the same website. It also says that he ran this fast in the 2009 Berlin World Championships, and it is still undefeated till this day. His time was 9.95 seconds, and he was able to run this speed in a 100-meter dash that no one else in history could beat, says the website. At the end of his career, his only failure to win a major 100-meter race was when he false started in Daegu, South Korea, the final of the world championships, according to Christopher Clarey. Bolt missed out on defending his title that day when he jumped from the blocks too early. He was disqualified by a highly debated zero-tolerance false start rule created in 2010, Clarey states. Bolt was distraught that day, ripping off his shirt and pounding a wall in frustration. But other than this, there have been plenty of better times since then. Overall, Usain Bolt truly is the fastest sprinter in the world and has changed the sport of track and field for the better.

There are many different ways to improve in track and field. One example is running up hills. Doing this once a week will build dynamic muscle strength that will get athletes faster for the sport. These include building endurance, increases strength, improves form and boosts speed and power. Hills make the body stronger. Running off-road will allow athletes to strengthen little muscles in their feet, legs, and core that they normally don’t use. Changing the surfaces that athletes run on throughout their training may help prevent injuries that occur due to overuse and impact. Proper running techniques and form will also increase a runner’s speed in any race. Learning good running techniques as a beginner will make it easier to avoid injuries and slow race times in the future. The better an athletes form is, the easier running feels, especially when he or she starts to get tired. Performing strength training exercises one to two times a week will help their running too. This will make muscles stronger, leaner, and overall would make the athletes healthier. Overtraining is a very important thing that runners cannot do. Overexertion will only lead to muscle fatigue and possible injury.

As a track athlete, it´s also important to know about the history of the sport. The marathon was not an event of the ancient Olympic Games. It first introduced in the modern era in 1896, according to the Athleticscholarships website. This is important because long distance running is a popular area in track and field that many runners compete in. For many years track and field was considered a purely amateur sport. If charged with professionalism, athletes could be banned from competition for life. This has dramatically changed in the way of how the sport is viewed now. According to the same website, The first NCAA national championships were held for men in 1921. The event was held at Stagg Field in Chicago, Illinois in June. In the end, the University of Illinois won the team title.

When running track and field, there is a lot of important things that an athlete should learn and know about. This will overall make a faster runner with greater knowledge about the sport. Knowing the fastest person, how to improve at the sport, as well as the history behind track and field is all very important for runners to know.

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