Bill Gates Running own Business

Bill Gates is known as one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs in the world. In 1975 Gates read about a new computer. In two weeks, he was hired to work for the company that created this computer. In a year Bill Gates and Paul Allan had their own company. They decided to call it Micro-Soft. They called it Micro-Soft because it is relating to the microprocessors and software in the computers. Bill Gates and Paul Allen moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in early 1975 to form this partnership. It would soon grow into one of the most successful and influential companies of the computer age. Microsoft is a major component in the field of computer programming, and it has not only been innovative in developing value for itself but has also been instrumental for the creation of thousands of companies by the way of the technical advancement. In the 1970s, people relied on typewriters for making documents and on mimeographs or carbon paper for making copies. It is then that the two young computer enthusiasts, saw personal computing as the path to the future.

In 1973 Gates enrolled at Harvard University to become a lawyer or an attorney like his father, but he then realizes he wasn’t interested in that career choice as much as he was interested in computers and software. He was spending more of his time working with computers than on class, while at Harvard. In 1974 Bill Gates joined his friend Allen, who dropped from Washington University after two years, at Honeywell Company because they received an opportunity to write software for a computer that was soon to release. They improved upon their basic software and expanded the company until they incorporated in 1981, removing the hyphen and known as Microsoft.

Middle class Americans could now purchase a personal computer that would not put a setback in their bank account. As soon as personal computers started hitting the mainstream market, the demand for improvement began. People wanted their machines to boot up faster, have larger memory, have improved programming, and be easier to use. Luckily Gates already knew the people would have these needs, so development was already underway.

In their business, Bill Gates and Paul Allan divided their responsibilities. Paul Allen was better in the technical ideas and perspective developments. Bill Gates was responsible for negotiations, contracts and other business communication. He is responsible for creating the largest computer and technology enterprise in the world. Gates and his company have created both computers and software that has revolutionized everything in America and the world. The astounding thing is that the company continues to grow and transform the way people live their lives.

Gates realized that the technologies used in his computers, specifically the microprocessor, could be used in other items than a computer. For example, elevator controls, traffic lights, automobiles, heating and air conditioning systems, stereos, televisions, etc had now become more technologically advanced, saving manufacturers a huge sum of money. Bill Gates technologies were slowly evolving everything in our daily lives that at first, we may not have recognized. Gates allowed many things to occur more efficiently with less space and time required. This is important because the better the pace Americans run their lives, the better the whole American system runs.

The employees at Microsoft work together in small groups on projects. The teams are given a budget and allowed to make and choose their own working hours and arrangements, effectively with each team working like a small business on its own. This unique style of micro-management is what Gates’ describes as being one of the reasons behind the continued success of the company. Gates has managed to create one of the world’s largest company and has still managed to retain much control over decision making through the development of his management style and vision.

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