Integrity in Medical Field

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In Amy Andersons insight on integrity is overall true about this world. People usually take it for granted when it shouldnt be. Most people cant hold integrity as much as they should.

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“Integrity in Medical Field”

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Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. When working in the medical field, integrity is very important. You want to ensure trust between the public and the healthcare professionals.

Integrity in the medical field is viewed as a individual goes beyond what the codes and rules state and sees that acting outside these guidelines will better a patients safety and they view it as the right thing to do. When being apart of the medical field, the people over you hiring you will see your integrity and thats what they look for. Trust is earned and once lost can be hard to get back. Being honest is not easy. It can hurt someones feelings, reveal your weaknesses, and make you vulnerable. Being honest doesnt come naturally to many of us. But being in the medical field, honesty is essential. You dont want to be dishonest about a patient or anything in your life that could affect your job. Patient safety is number one priority in the field.

You need to be fully honest with the patients doctors or physicians. If a patient asks you to keep a secret maybe about pain or something. There could be something seriously wrong. You need to do whats right and not lie for your patient. Everything needs to be told to a doctor. Or even someone over you that is taking care of them. As a Patient Care Tech you just need to be aware of the patients wellness and safety. You need to be honest to your patient about there health or procedures that they are gonna be getting in the future. If you are not truthful with your patient, your patient will lose your trust and not want to see you. This can also put your job on the line.

So having integrity in the medical field is extremely important. Not just for you but for the others around you. You have to earn the peoples around you trust before moving on. And once the trust is lost. Theres almost a full chance you wont be able to gain that back. In the end, it is important to be honest and do whats right in the medical field.

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