Field Experience Portfolio at Primary School

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This semester, I was given the privilege to participate in preparing and teaching a small-group lesson. For this field experience, I visited Halcyon Elementary School in Montgomery, Alabama and observed the level of third grade students. Halcyon Elementary’s demographics include a range of race and ethnicity, as well as a range of students with different levels of learning, and financial background. To begin, there is a percentage of 54% male and 46% female students. The percentages of students of different races at Halcyon Elementary are 65% black, 19% white, 9% Asian/Pacific Islander, 4% Hispanic, 3% two or more races, less than 1% American Indian/Alaskan Native. For students with disabilities, there is a rate of 8%, and a 34% percent of low income families.

Within my teaching experience, I was assigned a partner within my group to co-teach, and we were assigned three students for our group. These three students in my group all had different and unique learning levels. Student A was extremely energetic and always wanted to be the first one to answer questions, and to participate in every single activity. Student A’s level of understanding and comprehension was the more advanced of the group. Student B was very eager to participate, as well, and also wanted to be involved in every activity.

Student B always gave one hundred percent effort in each activity, and tried the absolute best in each assessment. Student B had very moderate learning comprehension, meaning they could read and comprehend very well, but had trouble with spelling. Student C was eager to participate, but was very easily distracted by Students A and B. Student C would get very easily intimidated when comparing the work of their own to the work of the other students. Student C would often need some time to recollect themselves and become focused again on their work and participation.

The instructional levels of pre-assessment were of a challenging but manageable for the students to grasp. The spelling test allowed them to use their previous and current knowledge to assess what they already know about sounding out words, processing how the words are said, and spelling them out on paper.

Student C was definitely my focus student. I chose Student C as my focus student because there were many cases where this student required my full attention and guidance. Student C was always eager to participate, but would always fall behind. This student was easily distracted, intimidated, and would often become upset with themselves because they felt their work was not “good enough.” I chose Student C as the focus student because I felt that this student simply impacted me the most.

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