North Memorial Clinic Field Trip 

 For the first time I was in eleventh grade I wondered what college am going to, what career am I interested in. All these thought are stuck in my head but that wont take over me, I believe I am an excellent candidate to attend the field trip to North Memorial Hospital because I want to experience medical fields, I want to explore the hospital and learn outside school, I want to also explore my career options.

Why I want to experience medical field is because, when I was young I went to a school field trip I was so excited to be there with my cousin and siblings, but unluckily the bus crushed and my cousin was in the bus.He broke his elbow and was rushed to the hospital I had to follow him and take care of him.As we were at the hospital I saw so many doctors and nurses rushing and taking care of patients.It was a new thing to me but I remember getting scared for my cousin.I want to experience more of medical field and do the same to help other people who are in need.

Another reason why I want to explore the hospital and learn outside school is because learning outside is more enjoyable and you get to see more than you see in class.It also attract student and teachers to new learning places.exploring a hospital is better idea for those who wants to be in medical field they would love to learn more about their future career.

The final reason why I want to explore my career option is that when it comes to choosing career options it is both easy and complicated. Parents and teachers tell us “that doing what we love is the secret to a thriving career¨ I love being a nurse but am not sure yet, but anything that has to do with medical field its a yes for me.

I would love to go to the field trip North Memorial because this is my chance to find about my career life since am going to college soon. It will be much better for other students who are in the same situation as me. This field would mean alot to me even though I don’t talk to people that much, it will be easy for me to at least have a conversation with the the doctors and have to see how they are working or treating other patients.                              

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