Introduction to Recruitment and Selection

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Recruitment and selection are two different activities. The meaning of recruitment is the mechanism of making interest for the people to apply for work and selection is the final decision of a specific candidate for the particular position. For any organization it is important that the people who are going to be Hire must have abilities, talent and perspective that you need. In long term phase organization needs those types of employees who have the abilities to face the challenges and can continue learning. So like this there are more chances for the organization to get the competitive edge. Also for the long term aspect approach, proclivity and competency is more important than present command and knowledge. While in the process of selection on judgment the individuals is used to forecast in assuring favourable outcomes on the job. As these are all assumptions and there is no guarantee that these predictions are unmistakeable so there are always chances of misjudgements. T here are basically two kinds of decision error which may happen in any electing process which are defined as follows. False positive or mistaken acceptance: where candidate are elected but prove to be incompetent. False negative or mistaken rejections: where candidate who were competent and capable and could perform better are refused. Organizations while employing the individuals are more worried about false positives because as a result it causes inadequate performance and costly misjudgement. In these type of organizations it can be said that if they increase their level of entry condition so that to decrease the possibility of false positives. As a result of this standard the candidates who are actually competent will be selected and the applicants who do not fulfil the requirement will be refused. The Selection judgments play a major role for success in any organization. As taking the wrong decisions while selecting are always subject to huge loss for the organization. It is necessary for the organization that it has a higher quality of selection process so that it could accomplish more suitable results in all. As the demand for the multi proficiency variable work force and joint effort is rising, selection has come to be a lesser element for hiring those applicants who are fully specialized in one area. Immediate aptitude and empiricism may be lesser considerable than intending to learn, adaptability and potential to work in a team. There are basically two types of recruitment. These are called internal recruitment and external recruitment. Internal recruitment is basically when recruitment takes place from the present employees and when recruitment takes place from excluding present employees, it is known as External Recruitment.

Informal Methods:


  • The existing employees have already the information for the organization. That's why it is very easy for them to adjust in the organizational culture because they are already part of the organization but new candidates will take time to adjust in the new environment. It means that organization has to arrange training session for the new clients which result increase the extra cost for the organization.
  • The positions will be occupied quickly. This helps to fill the positions promptly and to run the operations smoothly.
  • Candidates will be also well known with the organization, it is relief for the organization to save time and spend less for then starting phase which is induction.
  • Bring new ideas and views.
  • Less employee training and development especially if they have been learned elsewhere.
  • Employee can illustrate a novelty for the business look while hiring them from outside.
  • When you hire an employee through informal method of recruitment and selection then coordination and team work becomes more vital because the person you are going to hire is familiar to the organization, co-workers or the employees who referred him. This will result positively against any given task or assignment.


  • Make use of internal channels only which restricts the option to hire from outside their may be better employees options available in the outside market.
  • Some times it is really important to take new blood to spread present ideas, information and devotion but through informal method it becomes difficult for the potential candidates to get information about such particular positions and as a result we may not hire the best candidate having rigorous qualifications, skills and expertise. Many potential candidates are unable to apply against such kind of positions because these positions are not publicly advertised.
  • For many organizations this typical manner caused to create professional jealously among the co workers on the promotion of one individual.
  • In informal methods organization usually rely on employee's links and references and they do not properly judge their needs and their personal objectives. So there can be a miss match between the objectives of the individual and the firm. This clash of objectives would result as a long term loss for the organization.
  • There is no certainty about the employee to whom the organization is going to choose for the services will be best fit in the environment and can prove its abilities and skills in the organization because the individual who is selected not assessed in a structured way.

Recruitment Agencies and their Advantages and Disadvantages:

There are many private employment agencies doing outsourcing and who are registering for employment, short listing the candidates by their skills and qualifications. But the final decision is taken by the representative of the organization. In few cases the representative also sits on the panel for the final selection of the employee. In the process of outsourcing while there is already a processing and short listing by the employment agencies helps the organization to save time and it is cheaper because while recruiting the employee by the indirect method there are more expenditures as the organization do this by their selves. To some extent it can be said that the identity of the organization will not be disclosed which helps to be saved by the unnecessary applications. On the other hand it is also important that organization may loose those persons in the short listing who are capable and the organization representative would like to meet with them. There is collection of large pool of applications and candidates will be chosen among them. It means that all talent will be gathered at one place. On the basis of competence, the employees can be short listed which then be pass through in the final process and unnecessary applicants will be eliminated. These candidates are those how can contribute a lot for the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization. These people who are running these agencies are experts in the human resource field and better know the ideal candidate through the process of recruitment and selection. The candidates which they refer to the organization, the organization more rely on these candidates because organization realizes that these are the best pool of candidates which make their organization more competitive. The recruitment agencies are very effective in hiring the top position. The recruitment industry has four main types of agencies: Head hunters for professional and executive recruitment, employment agencies, and recruitment websites and in house recruitment but we will discuss only the hiring through recruitment agencies. The recruitment agencies increased the extra cost of organization which badly affect on the overall proftalbity of the organization because the advertising agency has to go through in all processes, every process has its own cost and all cost has to bear by the company. That's why this method is as such not suitable for the organization because it affect the financial sustainability of the organization. So, it can be said that this method is not cost effective. At the end, it can be concluded that recruitment and selection through informal method and through recruitment agencies can be used by the organization in the different situation to fulfil its human resource requirement. The informal methods are very useful for hiring the clerks because in this way organization can save its cost which can be used at somewhere else at more productive purpose. The organization has not to make much effort on it because it has not to pass though the whole human resource recruitment and selection processes. On the other way, the hiring through recruitment agency will be very helpful for hiring large pool with quality and effectiveness. Shorty, the organization used both methods in different situation for hiring the quality candidates.
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