Selection Process

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K. S. R SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT SELECTION PROCESS PRESENTED BY, K. DEEPANRAJ. Selection Process: Employee Selection is the process of putting right men on right job. It is a procedure of matching organizational requirements with the skills and qualifications of people. Selection is the process of choosing from among the candidates from within the organization. The Employee selection Process takes place in following order: * Preliminary Interviews. * Application blanks * Selection process Tests * Employment Interviews * Medical examination * Appointment Letter Selection Test Preliminary Interviews: It is used to eliminate those candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria laid down by the organization. The skills, academic and family background, competencies and interests of the candidate are examined during preliminary interview. Application blanks: The candidates who clear the preliminary interview are required to fill application blank. It contains data record of the candidates such as details about age, qualifications, reason for leaving previous job, experience, etc. Types of Tests : Intelligence test-mental ability, * Alert and quick Learning, Memory * Vocabulary * verbal fluency * Numerical ability * perception Selection Process Tests: Various written tests conducted during selection procedure are aptitude test, intelligence test, reasoning test, personality test, etc. These tests are used to objectively assess the potential candidate. They should not be biased. Employment Interviews: It is a one to one interaction between the interviewer and the potential candidate It is used to find whether the candidate is best suited for the required job or not. But such interviews consume time and money both. Moreover the competencies of the candidate cannot be judged Medical Examination: Medical tests are conducted to ensure physical fitness of the potential employee. Physical qualities like vision, acute hearing, stamina, tolerance voice, health etc. , Selection Decision: In selection decision will probably be between three or four candidates. The personnel specialist together with line management will now have weigh up the strength& weakness of each candidate In the end making the right ecision depends on management judgment. Appointment Letter: A reference check is made about the candidate selected and then finally he is appointed by giving a formal appointment letter. Reference from individual’s who are familiar with the candidate’s academic achievements Conclusion: Recruitment and selection is a vital function of HR in the organization. The role of Hr manager is very crucial in selecting and recruiting the right kind of people who can be an asset for the company. Instead of following a blind elimination process, focus should be on selecting.

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