Develop a Recruitment Plan for how you Will Hire Someone for your Dream Job

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Recruitment process

In the recruitment process, an organization needs to develop a strategy which would bring to them well-qualified applicants consisting of past and current veterans who served honorably, to teach history in their high schools. This process will allow them to selectively pick those with the right credentials or requirements to teach. The organization will keep the selection manageable and will provide good job previews (, n.d.). The organization must also keep in mind that these applicants are looking for their own benefits as well and the organization must provide and address them to achieve their recruitment goals.

The goals for recruiting

The organization’s number one role is to recruit the best and brightest teachers that our country can provide. There would not be any better candidates than those who served our country by putting their lives on the line to protect our great nation. They can continue serving by teaching our young future minds. The recruitment pool would be successful in hand picking those that meet the immediate requirements without going through an overwhelming and long process. These applicants must not only meet the necessary requirements, but they must have the motivation and interest to teach. The organization must be aware that the candidates have certain goals or benefits that must be met for many of them to join this organization. Eligible teachers would receive a competitive salary, a 401k, paid vacation, sick days and health insurance, just to name a few (Teacher Salary and Benefits, n.d.).

Personnel policies

Teachers will be expected to follow all course curriculum and dates. Obey all Equal Opportunity policies and regulations of the school. Respect the supervisors, co-workers, and students. Report any violation or cheatings that occur on your watch.

Recruitment sources

The organization will post all jobs, descriptions, requirements, and benefits on their website and newspapers such as the “Army Times.” The organization will closely work with military recruits to counsel those who are leaving the military and advise them about the “Troops to teacher” program. Another source of external recruiting would be the college placement offices and college job fairs. Appointments will be set up with the future candidates and will be notified as to what documents they must have with them at the time of their interview.

Establishing the identity of the recruiter

The organization will have subject matter experts representing the company with the necessary information and support for those that want to become future history teachers. The organization will provide interviewers in several colleges and military bases throughout the country and abroad (Germany, Korea and Japan).

External vs. internal recruiting

The organization would either provide recruiter to represent them or hire a third party for this job process. There may be a time when applicants may even ask why they should work with a recruiter of the organization instead of a third party. Therefore, the organizations should know the difference between the external and internal recruiting and their advantages and disadvantages (Internal vs. External Recruitment, 2018).

During the external recruiting, the organization looks outside their workforce for prospective employees (Internal vs. External Recruitment, 2018). This type of recruitment helps bring in new employees that may have new ideas, new techniques, creativity and innovations for the company. On the other hand, current employees would feel that they are denied the option to seek work in other departments or even a promotion. The current employees may have the best experience on the job compared to the newly hired, which can have a negative effect the productivity in their company (, n.d.).

In an internal recruiting, the organization recruits its own employees within their own workforce (Internal vs. External Recruitment, 2018). As a result, current employees can laterally transfer to other jobs or even seek promotions in higher-level positions. This is very cost-effectively because as current employees move up they will leave lower-level positions to be filled by newly hired candidates at entry level wages. There are two disadvantages to this type of recruitment. New ideas and creativity can become stagnant since the organization is not hiring new employees who may new ideas. Anytime a current employee is promoted, it would leave a job opening with less promotions and transfers (, n.d.).

In this recruiting process, the organization is only using external recruiting since they would be seeking veterans to enter the teaching profession.

Detail your recruitment method(s)

Once the future recruits sign into the organization’s websites and register, an email will be sent to them entailing the organization’s history, mission and the requirements needed to become future high school teachers. The recruits will be given an appointment to meet with an interviewer and a location based on their home address. To keep the process manageable, they will have several interviewers at each location and only up to five to seven interviews per day. Another external recruiting method that the organization might use is the referral method (Internal vs. External Recruitment, 2018). Military recruiters will interview and refer those individuals that may meet the guidelines to become history teachers. Making the process for the organization a lot smoother.

Explain realistic job preview

This job expects teachers to motivate and engage students through a four-year world history sequence while incorporating social science, politics, research and other pertinent courses. They must be able to create lessons that will help students learn and understand history and how the research for information is conducted. The educator must receive positive academic results through the students ‘work, exams, class participation and by challenging them outside the classroom (i.e. Homework). Teachers should be able to work and train with colleagues and school leaders to receive positive feedback on their job performance and receive support when needed.

Legal issues involved in recruiting

The organization will not have any legal issues in recruiting unless the future candidates fail a drug test or fail a background check because of false information on their applications.

Managing the influx of resumes

The organization will not have a problem with the management of an influx of resumes because they will not be accepted on the website. Since our candidates are from military background, the organization will have guidelines as to each job description of all military jobs.

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