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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to integrate the business idea in the form of a formal business plan. The business idea is implemented to analyze the business environment; Businessman with his business by helping to oversee the creation and presentation; And business and financial plan to implement the idea of A¢â‚¬”¹A¢â‚¬”¹having a budget to work with. After its production, the business plan and plot optimal budget targets, and as such, suppliers and investors, etc., which, in its entirety for all that was mentioned above it is clear that the program will work as a business partner to help. Below is a summary of the report. It is recommended that you read the entire report. 

Table of Content

Executive Summary…………………………………………..0
The Product and Business Idea – Skagen Designs…………………………06
The Vision Care Industry……………………………………….07
Marketing Plan Of Skagen Desing Sun Glasses………………………….08
The 4 P’s of Skagen Designs……………………………………..09

  1. Product……………………………………………………….09
  2. Place…………………………………………………………10
  3. Price…………………………………………………………11
  4. Promotion……………………………………………………..12



Most customers do than to make it easier to see black. For them it’s a sense of style, health and safety, or to clients who need glasses to match the special duties of a commitment, whether it’s something standing still. designer eyewear sunglass market retail price ranging from a couple of dollars to hundreds of dollars a pair, Vision Monday, according to a $ 3 billion a year industry. Sunglasses for the high-fashion boutiques from the local hardware store, retail stores, and sold all kinds. Where do you want to increase your income and well-thought-out marketing plan, sell your sunglasses. at the behavior of sunglasses as the first deputy. Style, therefore, an important facet of marketing to emphasize the sunglasses. Your promotional materials to ensure that your target market will reflect the aspirations of the people who epitomize. Your customers and your marketing materials, your sunglasses to look cool and hip when you think about how the film is going to be wearing the same shade as they’ll be more inclined. The sun’s rays can cause physical damage to the eyes of many Americans and more memory. By urging the audience to market your sunglasses sunglasses provide protection. Talk about lenses, of 40 adults currently do not wear sunglasses and do not wear them while driving should be noted that almost half. The sun’s ultraviolet rays and the quality of information security without a pair of sunglasses that can cause harm to an audience that is beneficial. Some of their offerings by targeting a specific audience sunglasses companies narrow victory. Others in a way you will not be able to meet their unique needs of military pilots Marketing sunglasses if, for example, be able to win. Outdoor sports enthusiasts or motorcycle sunglasses, stocking, especially how you do your marketing on the Internet and social media in particular, can be profitable. If you think a group that sets them apart from the competition and the need for your sunglasses will work especially well.

  The Product and Business Idea – Skagen Designs

Skagen Designs has been a period of time that is integrated with a business idea entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has been operating for the past 28 years, eye care professionals, and thus he is deeply conscious. In essence, the business concept design for a long period of stagnation in the field reveals the lack of innovation in the design. His idea of marketing and business entrepreneur invention is using as a lever. This topic will be discussed later in this report in detail.Collection of frames will be two parallel – Skagen Skagen Youth Collection Heritage Collection Design and Designs: The design of the former in the Western world and ethnic fashion jewelry-crafting their own annex with Israeli outfit. Titanium, gold and silver products, including stainless steel, as well as combinations of the above acetate – frames’ valuable and high quality material. This package price will be set at the elite level of the glass Skagen Collection copies bodies provides innovative idea of  completely sarcastic gift level. It is possible to combine different items in the frame.

 Provides an additional opportunity for personal expression of this idea. The design concept of ‘signature’ of men and women who form the rim proven in a number of models. This design ‘signature’ on the market, the product key differentiator from other elite models in eyewear. Modeling of the world’s most successful forms of eye glasses rim design melded Jewelers and ethnic artists include work by hand. Less expensive models are set to feature more commercial style, but in terms of a typical production line: the two collections “stamp” that represent the basic models for men and women. The models in the world’s most successful models in the modeling of the eye forms the basis of the guidelines include the goldsmith craft. Conceptual bear the stamp of the other models, but it is possible to produce a regular production line. As mentioned above, the most important benefit is to introduce the innovative ideas that are never collected. Our evaluation of the planned recovery is not perfectly satisfied with knowing that there is a latent satisfy market demand. Thus, small-scale market entry attractive margins can involve moving high volumes of production. 

The Vision Care Industry

In the last ten years, the vision care industry has been growing steadily. 2000 sales of $ 16.5 billion of ophthalmic frames, $ 16.0 billion in 1999, the sun rose and the dollar sales and units sold wear development experience; Lens materials and treatments for premium retailers, distributors and manufacturers of almost $ 8.3 billion. The following in-depth description of the industry, from the point of view it is a promising investment opportunity in the industry all the hallmarks of a multi-billion dollar business that can be inferred:

  • Steady growth
  • Favourable demographic trends
  • Strong brand penetration
  • High-margin products
  • Technological advancements
  • Industry consolidation
  • Emerging global markets

Wholesale eyeglass fashion and function combined power gradually driving. Legal and lens module up to 18% from 1995, 1999 and $ 13.3 billion in first. This business plan is a complete lack of optical lenses, sunglasses and eyeglasses market refers to the market. According to the above-mentioned law on appraisal businessman optical lenses and lens module contributes 35%. We have a market share of approximately $ 8.6 billion in the stands, and that is why interest. 

Marketing Plan Of Skagen Desing Sun Glasses 

Risks and opportunities for the systematic mapping of institutions, working with several distributors on a geological site with a marketing plan defines the fairway. Initially, it will not be allowed to run with the big chains. After penetration of the product on the market, the distribution is considered to be the largest series. Distributors’ operating production, innovative idea and as aforementioned, because of a lack of innovation, relative to a vacuum state at the time of market segmentation, product penetration should emphasize. There are factors that will shape the marketing standard selection:

  • Penetration into a new market
  • New and unknown product – risk involved
  • Resource constraints of investment in advertising
  • The entrepreneur does not operate the marketing system themselves in US

The 4 P’s of Skagen Designs Marketing decisions generally fall into the following four controllable categories:

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place (distribution)
  4. Promotion
  1. Product/Service

The term “product” refers to tangible, physical products as well as services. Here are some examples of the product decisions to be made:

  • Brand name
  • Functionality
  • Styling
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Packaging
  • Repairs and Support
  • Warranty

Accessories and services

Skagen Designs is an eyewear. Skagen Designs is a good brand in the eyewear industry. Skagen Designs product from the customer wants and what it does not meet that need. Just googols but several models of Skagen. Skagen screech googols mirrors some of the guarantor. Skagen Designs rack fast, stylish and different from others, such as one which produces eyewear companies. Skagen Designs Skagen traditional model of the day but by the customer, such as a change of fashion of the day of their older models and design, I know that at the present time to wear: Skagen Googols its traditional sales. Skagen company has some features like UV protection, because of the high price of the item. Skagen Sunglasses will give bad effect on the side of the eye. So this type of product features to meet customer requirements and helps. If customers or not this type of features they are driving a car or a party for some time while wearing googols About Skagen Designs Customer may not use the gift to speak with reality.

  How and where will the customer use it? 

Skagen Designs to protect their eyes from the sunrays during the company’s 1937 consumer’s started wearing these. But now it has become part of fashion. If someone wearing a branded clothes, he was wearing sunglasses branded if anyone, is to give a good impression. Skagen black, silver and gold in three colors such as sunglasses Designs Skagen Designs The three different models in different colors. Audi is the most popular figures of around Skagen wearing sunglasses. It has become a symbol of the living statues. Skagen Skagen company also designs all the things on the market to create a branded product .These trying to sell their products at lower prices because of the competition of never.

  1. Place

When we talk about the product or service Skagen Designs buyers do not see, the first thing out there? Skagen sunglasses are the products of a universal. Skagen Skagen designs show rooms and optical shops selling sunglasses. Skagen Designs opened in big cities and small towns of their sales. Skagen Designs Super moles and businesses to sell their products on the premises. He also set up a special shop in moles Skagen someone is buying all type of option, so if he wants to buy Skagen Designs sunglasses use of the Net. Those with high purchasing power of the consumer product Skagen Designs. Skagen so that he paid a high price to buy it and use it and want to feel proud of the level designs is a product of society. There is no need for any type of sales force.

  1. Price
  • Price Decisions
  • Some examples of pricing decisions to be made include:
  • Pricing strategy (skim, penetration, etc.)
  • Suggested retail price
  • Volume discounts and wholesale pricing
  • Cash and early payment discounts
  • Seasonal pricing
  • Bundling
  • Price flexibility
  • Price discrimination

Price skimming technique of Skagen. Skagen Designs to build their image of the company is a good brand, so use it to the stock market skimming. The company has the flexibility to use the same pricing strategy for any price. Some companies give discounts for winter. What is the value of the product or service to the buyer?

  1. Promotion

In the context of marketing and promotion as a marketing communication, with the goal of creating a positive customer response reflects different aspects of the product and contact information.

  • Focus on Women

Women do not wear sunglasses to protect their eyes only; Sunglasses are a fashion statement. Fifty percent of all revenue sunglass IBIS World, according to a marketing research company, created by women. Therefore, a customer can pick up a pair for himself as well as for every child in the next Skagen Women’s sunglasses, kids sunglasses Designs by adding the size of the market will increase. Glasses, you can see what looks like she’s trying on several pairs of Skagen sunglass display Designs must be near.

  • Know What’s Hot

Sunglasses, as fashion items, and go out of style. Sunglasses upscale boutiques, stores and fashion magazines, research by looking in the mirrors to keep up with the trends. What we see in the press is what we have available at Skagen Designs. Celebrity Fashion affect the Skagen Designs include sunglasses. People like Us Weekly and Entertainment Weekly that the celebrity magazines, Skagen Designs sunglasses fashions and preferences about what’s happening now

  • Display Tactics

Skagen Designs sunglasses as eye candy, and show off to their best advantage. Easy choice for a customer if the customer does not have to browse through the offer, she’ll probably quit buying, that’s a lost potential sales. Less than the cost of the sunglasses display racks, display cases. Designer glasses that cost $ 100 or more in a display case, which effectively prevent shoplifting, as shown. Glass is a way of coordinating color. For example, all yellow and red glass and so forth to be together. As another option, aviator, metal edges and is oversized, Skagen style products will display the inventory. Skagen is a shop window display of sunglasses is very important. If we need to grab the attention of customers, we design Skagen an appealing and eye-catching way to display the sunglasses rack. We have to make them stand out from the usual scenarios can combine colors and positions. This attracted customers, and they want to see Skagen Designs first sunglasses.

  • Online

An online presence with a blog or website that allows customers to see what we have to offer. Blog visitors, answer questions and post tips and special offers contact or discuss what is happening in the world of Skagen Designs sunglasses. Skagen Designs sunglasses listening form to post photos to Facebook, and Twitter friends and followers on social media to take advantage of the interest. We have in stock many popular styles are asked to vote for their favorite sunglasses Hold a contest. Like any business marketing strategies for their websites should consider using virtual tools. They are interested in buying products that customers can access information about the place where one is, because it is important to have a website. Sunglasses, a good idea to include the subject of articles or regular prize draws will host the free sunglasses or discount coupons. Virtual provides customers we are featuring special sunglasses. The important thing is to inform people about the sunglasses as well as interactive content on the website is that you can add. Sunglasses a coherent marketing strategy which is related to the previous point, a virtual store on the website, should include designing and developing. In a virtual store for the convenience of online shopping is growing every day, which is a favorite alternative. Wholesale sunglasses that we have access to Skagen Skagen more people should consider developing a virtual store if you want to increase Designs product design, we can directly feel the transaction.

  • Fundraising

Create A vision-based charity for every pair of sunglasses sold during a specific period of time to donate $ 1 to create a fundraising event. Skagen Designs participate in the local newspapers, online community sites and social media sites to advertise the event. Skagen Designs detriment of assistance in the event as well as the community increases.

  • The Financial Plan

As you can read in the following section provides an overview of the industry profits against the cost of education, there is a lot in this field. Defines a very high rate of return on investment in this situation. Annual sales of about $ 3.7 million a year for the purpose of the first cycle, we can come up with $ 2.7 million in gross profit. Wholesale Price (lead attached table summarizing and see chart) 26.7% of the cycle. The first year (with the Israeli tax) profit after tax is expected to be $ 0.5 million and $ 1.3 million in the fifth year of an increase. $ 0.9 million in annual profits after tax to average.   


Several basic points should be used in a marketing strategy for sunglasses to achieve success.Skagen Sunglasses are a new breed of product which caters to all niches of the market requirement. Be it sports or pure fashion, the Skagen design range of sunglasses are made to suite each and every person in the market, which means Skagen targets a large market base in the US alone. Since Skagen is already a big player in the wrist watch market arena, investing in diversifying their products will not be huge challenge. Although unlike watches, sunglass marketing techniques are quite different and somewhat challenging as to the fact that the sunglass is a health related product (Eye care) as well as a must have fashion accessory.


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