I Believe in Laughter

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The giggles, chuckles, and occasional snorts. I believe in the laughter ignited by the clichéd knock-knock jokes. I believe in the laughter started by the foolish actions of friends and family. I believe in the laughter brought about by smiles. I believe in laughter.

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“I Believe in Laughter”

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Laughter is not solely joke support, but it is the stand in which the painting of life rests. It holds society together like glue to paper. The laughter plays the role of peace keeper by putting aside the differences and laughing at the same joke.

The joy in laughter relaxes the stresses in the world. Once a laugh escapes, no one can withhold the power it contains. Laughter is the medicine for any know sickness or situation: going through heartbreak, surviving depression, dealing with stress, or losing a tooth. I see laughter as the tension breaker or the conversation bedazzler. It makes memorable, remarkable, and in certain situations tolerable.

Laughter speaks its own language with out the need of translating between distinct groups. Laughter means the same in every dialect, culture, society, or community.

I see laughter as my way to be different. I don’t take life for grated. I appreciate it by stuffing my days with smiles and laughter. I fill my family and friends with as much laughter as I can get out them. I make life worth the ride with laughter; it keeps me from giving up or becoming pessimistic.

Laughter is what keeps us from growing up. It is the one habit present in all the stages of life. It never gets old or loses its meaning.

Laughter makes the journey of life more exciting and pleasurable. It eases the tension in the difficult and inevitable situations.

Laughter plays the essential role in the health of the mind. It gives the hardworking brain a break from its duties. It is the body’s own refreshing system. Not only does laughter bring happiness and memories to the lives of everyday people, but it patches the wounds of the broken. It gives those hurt the opportunity to feel hopeful. It sets the path for them to get back up because the laughing experience is all one needs to feel cared for, loved, and happy.

I believe laughter is the evidence used to prove humans are unique. I believe in the effect laughter has as my heart starts pumping faster, adrenaline is shot through my veins, and I become alive. I believe in the laughter which replenishes my mind and body. I believe in laughter’s ability to heal. I believe in the power of laughter.

I believe in laughter.

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