Laughter is the Music of the Soul

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It may sound sugar coated, and incredibly lame but "Laughter is the music of the soul". This is true in so many ways, in the cartoons when the villain is cackling away, you can sense the evil just by his laugh. It is even true to a physical extent, some people believe that your soul is somewhere on the inside of you, and what better way to get inside than through your mouth as you laugh? Well maybe that one is a little bit far-fetched, but laughter no matter how you see it, is like a sign that good times are here.

On a typical Christmas holiday in the cartoons, as the camera slowly zooms into the house, all you can hear is laughing. Is that not a sign that families are sharing a good time? There is a bond that grows when you laugh with someone, you feel closer to them because you laughed at something together. Isn't that what life is all about? Getting in touch with yourself? Making others feel good? Being happy is a mistake many people make, only because most people are not. Laughter is a way that one can unlock an awkward moment, rekindle a relationship, and just generally make someone feel better. I know that when I am feeling a little bit down, all it takes is someone to make me chuckle. After that it's usually smiles and laughs for hours after that.

Personally I think its great that so many people would like to rekindle their soul, and get in touch with themselves again. But the funny part is, paying fifty dollars for a book about how to "find myself again" is not going to make me any happier. In fact I think I'd be pretty upset with myself if I did something like that. Yet these self-help books sell like hot cakes at "Chapters". People are desperate to find an easy way out of the stressful turn of events, that we call life. What these people really want is a break. These days people don't find time for the little things anymore. Laughing is something the average person must overlook in their busy schedule, but it shouldn't be. If something so minor can make someone feel so good, can we really afford to occupy our time doing things which make us the unhappy society we already are?

Just the other day I was reading through my "National Post" and stumbled upon a quiz. I noticed it was similar to a quiz I had done in a "teen-magazine" earlier, and noted that high stress rates were starting at earlier stages in life. I took the quiz in good humour, only to realize that I " able to cope adequately with the emotional charge of work...But should still find the time to relax a little bit more and take a critical look at my workload." For a kid who just recently started a job, it's a little bit scary to think of what life in the future may hold for me. So I hope that, so long as I remember to cherish the little things, laughing, smiles, and those cream poufs on my chocolate mousse, I won't burnout and go crazy in my thirties.

In general, I hope that everyone takes the time to not just laugh, but enjoy the little things in life. As cliche as the saying is "Enjoy the moment." Because in about a minute your cell phone will ring, you'll receive 3 faxes, 2 of your 3 pagers will go off, and your hectic schedule will not release you from its kung-fu grip until after 9 pm.

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