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What is the real reason self-deprecating humor being relevant today? Self-deprecating humor, when used correctly, is the easiest way for social leveling. This type of humor is criticism prearranged in an amusing way. Self-deprecating is the easiest way to laugh at insecurities. While some situations seem too serious to laugh at, self-deprecating humor is a common way of getting a point across in social media and comedy.

In this current day and age, there is a rise in tension faced by young adults and teens to post the perfect Instagram picture. The meme “Today is not You’re Day” states, “When on the 295th selfie attempt and you are still trying to refuse the fact that you are ugly,” over a picture of a man crying in the mirror (Hisham). Self-deprecating humor is relevant for the meme and others that stress over perfect timeline photos. Although he does not use many types of logos, Hisham convinces his audience that the stress is felt by numerous people (Hisham). Hisham invokes trust with his viewers through ethos while also appealing to their emotions through pathos helping him become relatable to viewers who empathize with him. The meme eases tension for people who feel like they are the only one who takes 30 or more pictures but still hates them all. Hisham’s displays vulnerability humorously through feelings of something he consciously struggles with but would never admit out loud. This memes overall message is that not fitting the “bubble” of what the world considers perfect is ok and that others struggle with the same pressures.

Self-deprecating humor is the superlative way to give humility and insight to the comedian using it. This type of humor helps others thrive while being somewhat therapeutic (Gaffigan). Self-deprecating humor is surprisingly funny and more relatable than a simple punch line. This type of humor is less likely to hurt if coming from a position of strength. Jim Gaffigan stated, “It is a moment of acknowledgment and a moment of being out of control and maybe even a glimpse into ourselves, which is very important” (Gaffigan). Self-deprecating humor allows the comedian to communicate with his audience simply because honesty is more impressive. The audience does not expect you to use a voiced opinion view out loud surprising the audience while bringing them laughter. There is more to this type of humor than just saying “I am ugly” it is acknowledging a feeling making it relatable, yet humorous (Gaffigan).

Comedian Michael Jr. uses self-deprecating humor as an easy way for his audience to relate to financial struggles in his video “Growing Up Poor”. Michael points out how the struggles made him more creative as a child moreover disregarding all the negatives. To better connect with his audience, Michael allows them the opportunity to laugh instead of expecting to be the receiver of laughter. For most of his life Michael recalls how growing up they did not have a lot of money and portrays his family as not even able to afford the letters “or” in the word poor (Michael Jr.). Comically Michael uses self-deprecating humor to take actual life struggles throughout the world turning them into something acceptable to laugh at. Michael prefers self-deprecating humor to open the hearts of his viewers to struggles faced worldwide while evoking change.

Comedians excessively use self-deprecating humor to best release tension in a humorous way. Audiences may feel an imbalance of power or intimidation by the success of influencers and comedians making it hard for them to truly connect. Throughout comedy and social media self-deprecating humor is the best way for influencers and comedians to bond with the audience. This type of humor is slightly perfect by helping others stand as one and feel less alone.

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