Memories with Friends

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Laughter enhances a person's psychological well-being. People often laugh at humorous and entertaining films, friends, and occurrences. In most occasions, people laugh involuntarily. However, people have different capacities to control to what extent they laugh. At times, laughter can be sarcastic and ironical based on the prevailing situation. Personally, I usually laugh when I remember the most embarrassing moments I have experienced in the past, and these memories are even lighter when described by my friends. The better part of it is the fact that some of the awkward moments could have been avoided. I remember one of the incidences involved my friend who had spent the whole night watching a movie so when he came to class, he was dizzy and decided to take a nap on his desk. However, he started to whisper some funny sounds then the situation intensified and he started screaming. We were very shocked about the incident. We were laughing loudly but we woke him up. He told us that he was dreaming about the horror movie he was watching the previous night. Most of the moments we shared with my friends turned out to be humor. According to Marx and Sienkiewicz (21), there is no joke that is universal. Each and every moment has its own fashion of humor.

I enjoy spending time mostly with my long-time peers as they always have funny memories of the past. Friends have diverse backgrounds that create humor when narrated (Marx and Sienkiewicz 12). The topics vary, and the stories are always explained hysterically. For instance, I still remember a funny moment that occurred nearly eight years ago. I went with my friends to watch a horror movie. The film was so frightening that I screamed. When I meet my friends, they always remind me of the occurrence. I am still embarrassed, but the way they do it is amusing. They keep on telling me that I screamed in such a way that one would have thought that I met a Zombie in real life moment. However, I was carried away by the movie and forgot that it was just a mere movie and not a real-life experience. My colleagues also have had awkward experiences; thus, I usually enjoy spending an afternoon with them over the weekend. We always remind ourselves of the past situations that make me laugh uncontrollably. For instance, one of my friends refused to share some money she was given by her uncle with her little sister. The little sister decided to revenge on her. When they went swimming in a public swimming pool, the little sister hid her older sister's clothes behind the bench. When it came the time to go home, she could not find her clothes. The little sister said that she would go and report to their mother that she was playing with some boys and that is why her clothes disappeared with them. The older sister started pleading with her to tell her where the clothes were and promised to share the money with her. The little sister won, and she parted with a larger amount. We always laugh when we remind her about the incident. The little sister demanded that she would only do that is she gave her the three-quarter of the money. This tendency implies that we have a considerable sense of humor because others would find it uncomfortable to share their most humbling past. Marx and Sienkiewicz (26) noted that there is any moment that turns out to be humorous is unique and that there is no better laughter than the one that invokes other jokes out of it. For instance, when I remind my friend about the incident, there is always a possibility of another joke arising from it.

Movies, especially comedy, also elicit a great deal of laughter due to the performances of its characters. In the company of friends, I chuckle at their prowess to mimic the actions of the film characters. During these meetings, we usually discuss the funniest movies or clips we might have watched. In the process, we end up sharing short videos or 'memes' stored on our phones. The Hangover is one of the films that made me laugh hysterically when my friends narrated it. Their descriptions prompted me to watch it afterward. Nevertheless, I always laugh at how my colleagues recount the character of the protagonist known as Alan. The cast is brilliant at performing jokes, but my friends' interpretations of the same are even funnier. They make jokes out of the jokes. For instance, Mr. Stu, one of the characters asks, 'why can't we remember anything that happened last night?' Allan, another character replies, 'Memory loss.' Of course, failure to remember anything is memory loss, so Mr. Stu was mad about that answer and became rude. This was laughable, and whenever we engage in a conversation with my friends, they answer the same way, and this makes it even funnier. Some friends always support one character while the others denounce his actions; the resultant arguments are hilarious (Doss 6). I also spend my free time watching the latest movies. This way, I also have something to share with friends as we laugh at funny videos and characters. Briefly put, I enjoy watching comedy shows, but my friends' interpretations of our favorite jokes produce greater humor. Although there are no defined qualities of humor, every joke is unique to everybody but the one that makes people laugh most is the one considered more appealing (Marx and Sienkiewicz 24). My friends and I have never considered anyone among us to be a comedian but humor has become part of our lives.

From my experience, laughing is unconditional and is elicited by different settings. My laughter is always evident when in the company of long-time or school peers. My friends often expose me to funny situations. It is in their company that many embarrassing events of the past come up. These memories are the greatest source of laughter. I also find it extremely humorous when my classmates discuss present-day issues and movies or when they share short clips and memes. Moreover, their imitation of movie characters prompts the wildest laughter. As such, I usually relish the weekends when we have enough time to catch up. From this self-reflection, I can conclude that I have an admirable sense of humor. 

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