The Health Benefits of Humour and Laughter

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It is said that sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities. humor is not only good for your health physically and emotionally, but it also reinforces your relationships with your family, your friends and your co-workers. Many people especially Save for Kids Singaporeans that we know have yet to admit (openly at least) that humor is good for physical health. Some research shows that laughter can improve your resistance to diseases by declining the stress hormones and increasing infection-fighting antibodies in your body. Besides, laughter can ease the physical tension and help your muscles to relax. It is not exaggerated to say that laughter is the best medicine for your body.

Moreover, having a good sense of humor helps you to stay healthy emotionally. humor helps you to release stress and to keep an optimistic attitude. When you feel anxious or sad, good laughter can lighten your mood. The positive feelings you get when laughing will increase energy for your brain and your body. Thus, you will be able to stay more focus and look at the problems in your life from less frightening perspectives. Life always brings challenges that make you feel overwhelmed. In those cases, a good laughter can help you to overcome all those obstacles and makes your life more enjoyable.

You know how you feel after a good belly laugh. Your brain and body are flooded with endorphins, you feel recharged, more optimistic, happier. There’s a spring in your step and you feel anything is possible. Imagine amplifying this across your business, team and your organisation? In any kind of business, humor is the new frontier in influence, engagement and performance. Generating laughs is one of our corporate mottos at Elemantra Consultancy. humor is our serious business! Humor? You have to be kidding, you might say. “I am not funny, and definitely not at my workplace”! Anyone who can laugh has a humor muscle. You just need to learn how to flex it. humor in business is not about telling jokes, it’s about using ‘humor Power’.

The Power of humor is using humor skilfully, purposefully and appropriately to connect, engage and inspire. The Power of humor can be taught and learnt, and no matter what your message or your industry, humor can help you stand out and succeed. Invite Professor Sean Rozario & Dr Elmi Zulkarnain Osman to conduct The Power of humor Workshop to dramatically increase your ability to influence by learning how to use humor for unprecedented personal and business success.

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