Horror Story about Middle of the Night to Laughing Outside

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I owned a small house on a big property on a rural party in New York. I go up there a bunch of times a year in the winter month to go skiing. There’s a neighbor up there that I’ve never spoken to once. There’s a fence that separates our two yards and on the other side of my house are woods for miles. There’s another neighbor farther down the road across the street and I’ve meet him a number of time because he goes skiing too. So we got to know each other. I went up this past January for the first time in the season. As I walked up to the front door I heard a kid laughing nearby in the direction of the neighbor’s house. I figured they had kids, which was news to me. Stepping into the house for the first time each season is weird. A house that would be empty for a majority of the year. So I’d have to turn on the heat and the water of course. The first night I slept like a baby after The four hour drive from connecticut.

The next morning after eating breakfast and changing into my ski gear i went outside and found a big red ball sitting in my front lawn. It wasn’t there the day before so I assumed it belonged to the neighbors. I took the ball and threw it over the fence that separates our properties. Then I went to the ski lodge to meet my friends and we spent the day skiing. When I get back it was dark out. I had eaten dinner with my friends so i was ready to go to bed. Walking to the front door I noticed once again that big red ball was sitting in my front lawn. It was getting a bit odd but once again I threw that ball over the fence. I woke up in the middle of the night to laughing outside, a kids laughter. It was like two or three am a kid playing outside made no sense. I went to look out my window I couldn’t see any kids though and now the laughter had stopped. However i did see something on my lawn, I couldn’t tell from my window, so I went outside into the snow in my slippers and robe, and I saw that red ball once again sitting in the snow. I got chills when I saw it in the same spot again. I took the ball and this time instead of throwing it over the fence I brought it inside my house. I went back to sleep not hearing any laughter again that night.

The next morning before going skiing again I walked over to the neighbors house, knocked on the door, and finally introduced my self. Surprisingly he seemed like an elderly made who seemed completely innocent. I questioned the child’s laughter I kept hearing and the ball that kept ending up on my lawn. He told me there were no kids around there. I got chills again. I thanked him, shook his hand, and went back to my house. I left the red ball in my living room then drove back up the mountain and had another day of skiing with my friend. When I got back to the house that night I was completely exhausted and ready to go home the next day. I threw all my stuff on the couch and figured I’d pack all my stuff tomorrow. I literally crashed into the bed as my whole body was sore, and I fell asleep like a baby.

Except I woke up to a kid’s laughter again. I jumped out of bed and ran to the window to look outside. There was the red ball sitting in the snow again. I ran to the living room and tore the room upside down as looking for the ball. I still know til this day I left it in there when I left. And it wasn’t there now. I suddenly didn’t feel alone in the house. I turned on every light as I packed up all my wet gear into my bag. I threw everything in the bag so I’d be ready to go if things got really bad. I made sure all the doors and windows were locked and they were. So It made no sense. I turned off the light and went back to my room shutting off only those lights. I looked out the window far behind the red ball out in the snow was what looked like a kid. A kid just standing stiff looking towards my window. I ducked down and closed the blinds I close the blinds to every window in my house. I tried my best to go to sleep and ignore it. It was a long hour before my exhausting overcame my fear and i fell asleep. I woke up the next morning skipped breakfast, packed up the car, and speed away from there not looking back to the red ball that was still on my front lawn. I never had anything to be stolen in that house so I was okay with leaving it in this situation.

Either way I can’t figure how who ever was out there got into my house to take the ball out in the first place and that child’s laughter haunts me. But the scariest part of the whole experience was seeing that child standing out in that cold snow in the middle of the night. Had that ball not been taken out of my living room somehow, this whole thing would be different, but because of that I don’t know what to think. 

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