A Literary Analysis of the Truth in the Sound of Laughter

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Four values above all are the key to ultimate happiness and contentment and are evident in the first paragraph of The Sound of Laughter . Here it reads:

My memory when I m gone will be colorful, rich, full of happiness and light. they will see a bright smiling picture with trickles of laughter in the background and the chirp of peace echoing throughout my aura. Here my value of optimism is shown through being vulnerable to having your heart filled with color, richness, and light. If you can do this it enables you to overcome the nasty demons that destroy such powerful things as optimism and vulnerability. If you hold the capacity to instill such values within yourself you will finally see the truth in the phenomenon that says light always overcomes such demons as darkness and seclusion.

To be peaceful is another value I paint by saying a bright smiling picture with trickles of laughter echoing throughout the background. To be peaceful is to reside where such light is resonated. When you reach such an elevated state of consciousness such light will resonate through you enabling your inner peace be your amour, protector of any outside hurt rising you out of pain.

To see beauty is another value I uncover to you by giving you an optional lucid dream. This dream is hinted in the background meanings of descriptive, and almost poetic suggestions like, My memory when Im gone will be colorful, rich and full of happiness and light they will see a bright smiling picture with trickles of laughter in the background chirp of peace echoing throughout my aura. If you can remain optimistic and peaceful it would only be natural to see the poetic beauty and the movement of the words used for description in the above excerpt because your higher level of consciousness breaks away such chains of fear and hurt and gives you a holy armor.

Finally the last hidden value of truth is my final and most important moral value. It rises above the rest because it is the only one that will insure complete an angelic state. It is a universal truth that lives within each of us.

Truth is universally important. Without truth nothing is real, all would be an illusion of lies and fables steering us into the confusion and chaos of a complex mirage. Who is to know what really exists, what is really pure and what is completely uncontaminated by lies? No one would live a satisfied life because the journey would have no end, just a never-ending labyrinth with no ultimate happiness. Happiness is achieved through inner truth. Reaching inside yourself to the inner depths of the soul to find truth is more powerful and life-giving then the power of procreation. This is so because it is procreation, but the only inalienable difference is that it is a procreation of a new elevated self not just a new self. With truth life evolves in a cyclical pattern of optimism, peace, beauty, and truth, when the cycle lacks truth the cyclical pattern of life and happiness is broken and left stagnant with no end to ultimate happiness.

The moral value of truth revealed its importance slowly, softly evolving overtime like the metamorphosis of a blooming rose but the clarity came from a dispute with my family. My family is my everything, and when they threatened to leave me until I could be truthful to not only them but myself I fought like and angry fish gasping for air. I don t lie, they re lying! We were both at fault. I couldnt own up to my mistakes and in turn almost lost the greatest jewel of my life, my family. Then I found clarity, but only when my optimism gave me hope for resolution, inner peace cleared the hurt, and the beauty of our bond became relevant did I learn that truth was the key to ultimate happiness. I began to tell them the whole truth and in turn regained respect.

To convince someone that this is the absolute highest moral value I would ask him or her to look inside themselves and look inside their lives. If truth wasn t the highest value, how honorable would the bond of your marriage be? How real would your promises be? How would justice be found? It would not, there would be no hierarchy or model to hold your convictions to, it would all be a messy chaotic confusion of lost emotion. I say lost emotion because without truth emotion would be lost.

Emotion plays a crucial part in moral values because they are the bodies natural detection of what is wrong and what is right. If something is wrong you know it is wrong because you can feel it, directly in your heart. You can deny that it is wrong verbally but inside it clenches around your heart polluting your body with famine. This can be more destructive than the lie itself. Sometimes I loose faith in the power of truth. I see the corrupt attitudes of society and the shadiness of others surface. Sometimes feel as though I am the only one being honest to myself and society, almost like it would be easier to be dishonest. Then a small miracle happens, I remember the strides I have taken and I feel the bond my family shares and I know that truth and honesty is the only way. My emotions take me higher, but not without my intellect. Ponder rationally with me: be honest and carry no burden or dodge the truth, suffer and sweat and prey it won t come back to slap you in the face?

Sometimes the latter seems to be the easier route: Oh if I tell him I didn t cheat he ll never know, and we can still be together. When your spirit is lazy and your mind begins to give up; when optimism dwindles your hope, peace breezes away with a conflict and beauty turns to ugliness. When I have no faith to move foreword, not even tomorrow, then does the importance of truth leave me. Sometimes I slip, and other times I hold on and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the fastest route is through my self and my inner truth.

I would say my two most prevalent methods to finding my moral values are modes in which I arrive at knowledge through either emotion, intuition, sense experience, and deductive logic.. Nothing is more real then feeling something is right in your heart. To me emotion makes most of my decisions because I feel with my heart and my mind. It is how I have always been, so to come about with an answer only from authority, and/ or science would be totally foreign. Authority has no bearing with me because what is authority anyway? In the most simply, authority is someone elses opinion. How could someone elses truth be mine as well if I dont feel it in my heart? If I had to pick my moral values from pure science alone it would be contradicting my views on authority. Science is a synthetic technique relying upon math and logic. I am a poet not a scientist, science to me is non-valid unless I write the theory and my theories are born within my own heart and emotion.

The four most important moral values are optimism, peace, beauty, and truth. Without one you cant have the other, and without truth you can t have any of the rest. My morality comes from myself, not what anyone says, though I find a higher power in simplicity among the true great poets and the strength I find in my family. Never let go of truth, without it you, me, the entire population would be lost. Never loose sight of yourself because without yourself you will never find truth.

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