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SURF EXCEL:- Surf reaches over 20 million homes in India. Surf was the first brand of detergent that was advertise on Television and Lalitaji was the first icon for a detergent powder created by Alyque Padamsee. It has tremendous Sales Turn over in almost all part of India for e.

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g. Surf account for more than 50% of a detergent powder that sell in North Eastern States. Other competitors also had effective cleaning but which would damages the cloth and its colour. Only Surf gives guarantee of bright and clean effective cleaning with the safety of your clothes, colour because it has “Safe Colour Bleach System” and enzymes for superior stain removal for hand wash and for washing machine. It is a major market Player which promises stain removal without feeding colour.

PROMOTION: – Initially it was Surf Excel International which was replaced by Surf excel Ultra which claimed ‘Daag…. dhoodte reh jaoge.

’ Then Surf excel was introduced which claimed ‘Surf excel hai na. ’ In 1996 when surf was introduced which claimed ‘Kadi safai, magar pyar se. Surf excel blue which claimed ‘Daag acchhe hai. ’ Surf excel quick wash ‘Do bucket pani ab rojana hai bachana.

’ Then surf excel automatic was introduced. PRODUCT HIERACHY: – Need Family:- The core need that underlines the Product family is cleaning the dirt of clothes Product Family:- Product satisfy a core need by effective washing. Product Class:- Detergent Sector Product Line:- It is a Line Extension and it has three variants Surf excel Blue, Surf excel Quick wash, Surf excel Automatic. Product Type:- Detergent Powder. Brand:- Surf .

Items:- Surf excel Blue, Surf excel Quick wash, Surf excel Automatic. RECENT DEVELOPMENT: – Water is a major concern across the country with running water through the day not available to most households. To address this problem Surf Excel Quickwash was launched with a low lather formulation. Coloured clothes, an important part of people’s wardrobe, have never been the focus of any detergent.

Surf Excel Blue addresses the consumer need for a detergent that cares for coloured clothes, too. With over one million washing machines being added annually the market for a specialised detergent was growing rapidly. To address this need Surf Excel Automatic was launched. Credibility of performance has ensured that almost all-leading washing machine manufacturers recommend Surf Excel Automatic for their washing machines. Concentrates have always had a reputation of great clean but at a higher price.

In order to make concentrates accessible monthly packs were brought into the market. Depending on the product type, packs have been designed to last a month.

VALUES: – Surf has always been regarded as a trusted family brand. While it offers tough stain removal, it is seen as being caring and looking after the family’s clothes. The launch of new variants with contemporary, insightful advertising has attracted new users. It has also ensured that the brand has stayed modern, progressive and relevant to consumers.

Its strong heritage and new product innovation has helped it to retain the consumer’s trust. PROJECT SHAKTI – By using self-help groups, HLL has pushed its products down into the country. Into villages where people cannot spend more than Rs. 20-25 on FMCGs in a month. Project Shakti work as a distribution channel.

DISTRIBUTION: – Surf has taken communication beyond mass media advertising and involved consumers in the brand’s promise in the real world. It has touched consumer’s life through school contact and in-store programmes. Road shows have helped to go to the consumers and demonstrate superior performance vis-a-vis competition. Distribution — As new retail formats emerge in India, HLL is devising different levels of support for each of them.

HLL Network — The new, improved Aviance. After a radical overhaul, HLL’s multi-level marketing foray is now second only to Amway SURVEY REPORT:- Recently survey done by HLL about surf excel which got by Positive reply from the Public. About 60-65% people replied that product is excellent and have safe colour bleach system and definitely buy it even if the price may rise. They also recommended the product it gives clean and safety to colour and which also affordable to all. HLL not only emphasis the market but also campaign manage to link a brand benefit by addressing the shortage of water.

Brand make a real Social difference to life. It is also targeting all the classes of the Society.

Therefore the company says the market change but it’s product didn’t and it’s time to shine up the brand.

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