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SWOP ANALYSIS Procter Gamble, one of the best markets in the world, has gone through a new management. Procter Gamble has a very talented management that has tightly integrated with the largest retailers in the US and around the world. Also, they have created a new product innovation, which involves their new billion dollar brands, that is distributed to 80 countries in the world. They also have Distribution channels all over the world. Also, Procter Gamble has Gross Margins 15 Times the industry average, and a Diversified Brand Portfolio, that has more than 300 brands.

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They also have 79 billion in revenue, which makes Procter Gamble one of the best markets in the world. The weakness that is experienced by one of the best markets in the world is the fact that that the top brands are losing market shares. Also, the company tends to focus on health and beauty for women only. Procter and Gamble is lagging behind in online media presence & leadership. Also, the slow process creates a heavy culture where there are views for product performance alone, and expansion for brands is limited.

They are also missing an opportunity. They refuse to manufacture private label products for its retail. There are several opportunities for Procter and Gamble. First off, they can find new acquisition opportunities for emerging markets. Afterwards, they can be adding value for the conspiracy. Procter and Gamble would be doubling their environmental goals for 2012 if they plan to create products that are Going Green/Eco Friendly for the environmental consumer.

Also, they can continue to divest brands that don’t align with the company’s long term goals. They can Utilize online social networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and many other social networks to promote their products. In order for their consumers to be happy, they can design for better product experience, and selling directly to consumers. In addition to that, they can also focus on Health and Beauty products for men, in order to create a huge customer base. As any successful markets, there are several threats to their business.

First, there has been an increase in regulations. Also, there has been an increase in raw material price. There has been a surge in private label growth. Key competitors are expanding their product portfolios through acquisitions. Also, the commodity cost and currency exchange rate placed tremendous pressure on the business. Recently, there has been a slowdown in consumer spending in the US & globally, in which consumers go for substitute brands that have a cheaper price.

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