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Vietnamese Women have long been seen as the good and responsible housewives. Nowadays, Vietnamese women are known as successful women who not only in their family but also in society. They have a very busy life in a society that is developing now. Imagined how busy they are to start a new dayLi. What do they do in the morning? Let see! There are some suggestion that no one likes to do housework. There are always other, more important chores to be done, a great movie on T. V. they've only seen twice, a book you've been meaning to read (the list goes on). But when it needs to get done and they can't get around it, they'll want it to be quick and easy. Here are some little tasks they do every day. Works of women who married are more busy than single women. They have to wake up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for their family - husbands and children. Then, they get their little children up, dressed, fed, teeth brushed and out the door to school. Before they leave the house they also have to take care of the house, such as make their beds nice and clean. They also clean the kitchen and bathroom from the morning rush. They hate coming home to a dirty house. They also obviously have to get themselves ready for the day as well. Mornings are definitely challenging! After they had driven their children to school, they went to work. In their company, they are dynamic and confident. They can do everything that the men can do. They can get in high position, earn a lot of money. They are really talented. Some housewife are just stay at home and do the housework. They don’t go to work.. They also get up early every morning to do housework. They bring laundry as soon as they are up and put in washing machine, then turn it on. If they have no washing machine, they must wash clothes by hand. Then they do breakfast for their husbands and children. Make sure kids are dressed, do hair,… After all person had left the house, they start cleaning the house and tidy up. And go to market to get food for the day. Some women just go market once time a week but they buy many things that enough for that week… Their work are the same everyday. That so boring if they don’t have anything unusal to do in a day. But they all do very good. I am so pround of Vietnamses women. I’m now a Vietnamese model girl and I hope I can do as good as they do. That is morning in the life of a housewife in my country.
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