The most Effective Learning Methods which a Student or Learner Can Use to Excel in his Education

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When talking about effective method of learning, it clearly means the strategies to use during learning which will produce good fruits. Good fruits in this case is passing in most subjects in school. There are several learning platforms and they all abide by the above methods. A person who is doing online classes and a person, who goes to school from Monday to Friday, all employ these methods to be successful (Butcher et al. 84). There are other learning methods that also have an impact in student’s education but with the three, success is guaranteed.

Concentration being one of the main methods has a huge impact in learning. There is no way anyone can do something without giving it a little bit of concentration. This mostly affects those doing online classes as the new smart phone can be so distractive. Learning styles will change as most of the time the person is using internet. A popup message from friends will make an individual to open it and the concentration is lost (Hativa 112). On the contrary, it is advisable to visit the library whenever a person wants to read and leaving all the distractive materials at home.

In the case of those attending school daily, it becomes easier for them to pay concentration in class especially when the teacher is in charge. The rules in a classroom will restrict them from using mobile phones or computers which are forms of distraction (Butcher et al. 87). A person under online classes has a hard time with his studies because there are no rules to guide unlike those in day school. Therefore, concentration is an important aspect when it comes to learning.

Going on to the second method; time keeping, this is the key element in education. When an individual fails to keep time for his education, then it becomes hard to maintain an exceling pace. Again this is mostly to those under online considering their classes are not regular. Time tables in schools assist most students to keep time and the routines in schools such as bells, can also guide. As most of E-learning students are working, they might be late from work and find the rest of the students have completed a unit, compared to day scholars (Hativa 116). Basically, time keeping will free anyone from complication and last minute studies when the exams are approaching.

The last method is practice. Practice goes hand in hand with revision, which assist a scholar from forgetting learning concepts. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect.” This means whenever an indivual keeps on practicing – revising, doing tests and doing friendly discussions, then he is guaranteed to pass in his exams (Butcher et al. 100).. In this method, both groups are almost equal because this depends on one’s hard work. The above two methods affects practice as when one does not keep time or lack concentration, then the practice will not work.

A good student will observe the three learning methods if he wants to excel in his education. When concentration is paid whether in online classes or daily classes, time keeping will follow and practice concludes. Students have hard times when it comes to their studies, maintain the right pace can be easily lost as the technology has effected it. Smartphones will take away their concentration considering some schools allow them. For those schools with rules, then their performance is excellent. To crown it all, education should be seriously observed and students should avoid any form of distraction and pay attention to their studies.

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