Stone Goose Resort and Social Media

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Social media will help Stone Goose Resort with growth, as will help us to generate more audience that eventually will be customers and that means more revenue with a cost-effective means. At the same time social media does come with some challenges. This is where a strong social media policy guides us in effectively using this medium.

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“Stone Goose Resort and Social Media”

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Social media is the big opportunity to have communication with the customers, ask them what they think about the services we provide, what can be improved, what else can be offered, what about customer services and the price.

Another benefit of the social media is the publicity. You don’t have to spend too much money on publicity as social media will produce word of mouth advertising.


During our brainstorming meetings it was clear as to what our needs are concerning social media.

  • Stone Goose needs to grow its online presence.
  • The future of resort guests will be using social media to decide where to spend vacation.
  • Customers will use social media to make reservations.
  • This platform has a potential impact to the business in revenue.
  • People are more mobile now than in the past
  • Instant gratification

Business Goals

Each business goals or objectives listed below is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely.

  • Business Goal No. 1
  • Grow the business

  • Business Goal No. 2
  • Grow the business revenue

  • Business Goal No. 3
  • Appeal to younger customers

Social Media Goals

State the social media goals or objectives that will roll up to your business goals.

  • Social Media Goal No. 1
  • Increase Twitter followers by 20% by the end of Q4

  • Social Media Goal No. 2
  • Convert 25% of inquiries to committed reservations

  • Social Media Goal No. 3
  • Grow our Brand by staying relevant

Scope of Work

Details about the proposed procedures and social media activities that support the social media goals or objectives.

  • Social Media Activities
  • Make post once a day

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Execute four Twitter campaigns by end of Q4

  • Content Creation
  • Implement a $50 coupon for using site

  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Create Excel Spreadsheet for Data

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Answer all inquiries within 24 hours


Twitter Campaigns Deadline

Create creative Assets Create graphics to accompany Twitter campaign December 1, 2018

Create Copy Copywriting for campaign December 1, 2018

Launch Campaign Deadline to launch campaign January 10, 2019

Monitor Campaign Monitor and report the success of the campaign February 10, 2019

Database Create Excel Database to monitor campaign February 10, 2019

Revise Campaign Revise campaign and test Ongoing

Detailed Project Timetable:

Activity Execution Responsibility

1. Twitter Campaigns Month 1 Month 2 Month 3

X IT Manager

2. Content Creation X Content Specialist

3. Social Media Monitoring X Social Media Specialist


In the future, people will no longer surf online to seek a product or service, they will constantly be connected to the brands they love via social networks. So, people will first ask the brands they “like” what they have to offer. We need to offer a “social experience” to potential customers. We need to put ourselves in a position in which our followers can fluently try our services.

“Call to action” is a strategy of the last decade. Classic ads like banners and AdWords will no longer be relevant. We are in a world of connections. You are either connected, or you are invisible. Social media is writing the future of online advertising and by creating a strong social media campaign we can compete or even edge out our competition.

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