How Will Organizational Behavior Affect a Company

Within the decades, Amazon has grown into the biggest company in electronic commerce and cloud computing. In 2017, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, became the richest person in the world, possessing a total net worth around $100 billion. Such a giant company cannot develop this rapid without proper organizational behavior management. Organizational behavior affects every aspect of a company: the quality of employees’ output; the decision-making of the boards, and ultimately the entire direction of the company. Specifically, in this Amazon scenario, team efficiency, team diversity, and perception of Amazon’s brand from outside will be taken in the consideration range in order to discuss the effect of bringing new social technology into Amazon. Accordingly, recommendations and action plans will be made according to these OB variables to better implement the new social technology for the benefit of the better teamwork at Amazon.

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“How Will Organizational Behavior Affect a Company”

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Team efficiency is easily affected by many factors. Team efficiency is very crucial to a company. It determines how quickly orders are being executed, which lead to how quickly one company could react to challenges and changes, thus taking advantages. Maximizing the team efficiency means using the least manpower to produce the most output. There are many ways to improve team efficiency. Specifically, Amazon has come up with services to enhance efficiency. Amazon Web Services(AWS), is targetted to help individuals, companies, and governments, providing them with a cloud computing platform. AWS can be implemented with many algorithms to improve the team efficiency.

For example, predictive analytics based on AWS and comprehensive collaborative filtering engine (CFE) can analyze customers’ data, such as order history, review history and shopping cart, to help with targeting market and provide a better service, which increases the effectiveness, accuracy and decrease the time employees spend on decision making. By using the AWS along with CFE, the human calculation process can be saved. Recommendations can be made accordingly such as equipping the employees with faster-computing computers allowing them to deal with larger data at the same time and implementing the engine for employees during their daily work too. Action plans also can be made to further use the algorithms more effectively. Regularly releasing surveys to gain feedback from the customers in the market can be done by the Amazon team. In this way, Amazon will have a better understanding of what improvement can be made in the algorithms to better enhance efficiency.

Team diversity is another big variable of organizational behavior. With the globalization and various egalitarianism raising these years, team diversity has become an important part of the topic among many big companies. There are many benifits brought by diversity groups. The different background of employees might help them have a broader team eyesight so that they can make a better decision together. Also, providing people from various affinity groups with an environment where they feel belong can facilitate their loyalty and enthusiasm at work. Amazon has done a great good at embracing people with different cultural and identity backgrounds. In the Amazon diversity website page, Latasha Gillespie, the director of Amazon’s Global Diversity & Inclusion Organization, says, We seek diverse builders from all walks of life to join our teams, and we encourage our employees to bring their authentic, original, and best selves to work. One of their social implementation to facilitate team diversity is the Amazon Web Services(AWS).

Utilizing AWS Training and Certification and AWS Educate, builders from any age and places can get a chance to innovate and shape the future of Amazon. My recommendations on further improving the system are hiring computer engineers that can work for Amazon online, which means they can work from another area in the world and work from home. Necessary communications will not be hindered and, without the area and age limitation, new blood will join the future of Amazon in the opposite. Also, Amazon has already taken action plans to enhance this system. In November 2017, AWS held their first We Power Tech Diversity Series. This included sessions and networking events within AWS reinvent, a technical learning conference reaching over 43,000 attendees. With such successful feedbacks on the action, more offline conferences can be held to further enhance team diversity.

Last but not least, the perception from outside is another variable of organizational behavior. Concluding from the research earlier, Amazon indeed has a great perception from outside. In 2017, Amazon ranked as the top brand in the U.S. and It was the fifth year Amazon topped the annual ranking. Loyalty the customers are showing is the second component of its success. A study from research firm found that 91% of first-year Amazon Prime subscribers renewed for a second year. Amazon is perceived as a company dedicated to serving its customers. While innovator was the other important label Amazon get from its customer. With its Echo smart speaker and the Alexa virtual assistant, Amazon is becoming a leader in the home automation space. And studies have shown that these devices solidify brand loyalty and encourage consumers to spend more. These cognitive technologies have already helped Amazon to gain such a positive impact on perception from the outside. To keep this recognition, Amazon should keep the pace to innovate new products that match its quality. Furthermore, existing products like Echo and Alexa should be kept updated for the newest features so that the loyal and old customers would not feel like they are being left out from the newest technologies.

All in all, Amazon, as one of the biggest world-wide Internet company, has implemented many social and cognitive technologies to enhance brand recognition as well as helping people in need. I believe with the recommendations and action plans, Amazon will further develop, making the company a better place for the employees, leaders, and customers as well.

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