The Organizational Objectives

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The related between the types of control and return on investment. Will be realized most of the organizational objectives in what can be expected if the supervision was not in place. That is why there must be effective implementation of strict control requires that management has a reasonable amount of details and how they relate to one or more of the objectives of the monitoring of results, procedures or personal cultures / to the overall objectives of the organization. Control action, which take different forms: behavioral constraints, review of early warning, and responsibility, and repetition. Controls the type of work and more direct control of the Department to ensure that the correct behavior of the people and must rely on the organization with an immediate focus on their business. He also described the personal and cultural controls, which encourage managers to implement one or both of the positive forces which are typically found in organizations: self-and mutual monitoring. Can be encouraged by these forces in different ways, including effective recruitment, placement, training, job design and provide the necessary resources, codes of conduct, and awards groups, and transfer within the organization, and how physical, social and tone at the top. Has become a personal and cultural controls, which are sometimes referred to as soft controls, more important in recent years. Organizations have become flatter and smaller. Managers and the wider spans of control and hierarchy of the process and control systems (bureaucracy) has been dismantled and the replacement of staff authority. In this environment, and shared organizational values became an important tool to ensure that any person acting in the interest of the organization. The impact of all these different types of organization mission control in the relationship between the return on investment (ROI) and all these types of controls can be demonstrated as follows: –

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“The Organizational Objectives”

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    1. Result control :-

And normally used as a result of controls to control the behavior of staff in many organizational levels. The relationship between monitoring of results and return on investment) is that there are many tools of the outcome monitoring, and investment) is a tool that all these tools, even when the return on investment tool good results control approach and I think that controlling behavior is another consequence of effective control over what control focus the behavior of the staff, but the return on investment focus only on the number or value of the revenues and costs, as well as in the fixed assets and working capital, even if there are employees who must be paid for wages and salaries and that kind of spending, but the thing to focus on the value of these employees, and another something the client or the credit is part of the fixed assets in the system (ROI) is not to focus on customer behavior, but the focus on the value of these clients

    1. Action control :-

Control measures are the most direct type of management control, to ensure the proper functioning of the people must rely on the organization by focusing directly on their work. The relationship between work and monitor the return on investment) and this approach is to control the focus on controlling the actions that occur in organizations, but when this approach has the efficiency and effectiveness of the return on investment can be high, and I think that the work of control refers to the benefits, but also attention to the value of the investment returns of different things or different procedures in organizations.

    1. Personal control :–

Supervision of staff at the personal direction and control of natural or self-stimulation. The relationship between personal control of the return on investment (ROI), I noted at the beginning of personal control and focus on individuals in the organization, employees and customers, but I think that focusing only on the investment returns the quantity or value of these resources is not to satisfy some of the reviews or salary of employees but I believe that this Technical need a lot of people to implement this technology.

  1. Cultural control :-

The aim of cultural controls to encourage mutual monitoring by a strong set of pressure on individuals who deviate from the Community rules and values. The relationship between culture and the internal return on investment in the case of a culture of support for the implementation (ROI), or when I want to implement any new techniques you must know the culture of the organization. At the end of the mission there relations between the types of control and return on investment


All the control types can be used to provide tight control. We can define tight control as in terms of a high degree of assurance that employees will behave as the organization wishes. Mangers should have good knowledge about how the control objectives (action, results, personal, culture) can implement effectively the chosen form of control. Mangers have the authority to change the type of control and replace with another type that provides a better fit with situation for the purpose of tighter. Mangers can use multiple forms of control in the same time to tighten their MCS. Return on investment as a strategic tool. And very important for all types of control. Also we can’t measure ROI without measure the profit the question here by what we measure it we should know the cost with cost absolutely we need control all types of control. PREPAR BY :MAHFOUDH HUSSEIN HUSSEIN MGAMMAL (803914)

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