Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper

Organizational Behavior and Communication Paper Organizational Behavior and Communication Many organizations have a solid vision and mission statement that expresses the company’s core values and goals. These values and goals generally tend to act as a foundation of guidelines for the company to adhere to and follow. However, sometimes what the company publishes as its intended goals and values don’t always seem to be what’s followed. Southwest Airlines is one of the major air transportation providers in the United States. The Organizational culture of Southwest Airlines tends to be more open and is geared towards providing extraordinary Customer Service, as well as providing an employee oriented company. To have happy customers and organization will benefit from having happy employees. Communication is the key in any organizations success. If management is not communicating the company goals and outlines for achieving those goals, then the employees are not aware of where the company is going, or what they need to do as employees to accomplish those goals. Having an open organization means the lines of communication are open from employees to management for new ideas and recommendations. Having an open organization leads the company in the right path for the future with being able to correct things that may have not worked, and to develop exciting and new aged innovations. When the organization is strictly relied upon its core values and goals that are created by management and no other communication is rendered between employees and management it leaves a lot of open areas for failure. In Southwest Airlines scenario, one of their many core values is Excellent Customer Service. To provide outstanding customer satisfaction entails many different aspects. First of course is Southwest’s Employees. From Ticket agents, air flight attendant, pilots, and mechanics, they all have an influence over the customer experience whether it is indirectly or directly. Other areas are also brought into consideration when striving to provide the ultimate customer service experience, such things as providing cheap air travel in contrast to its leading competitors to an array of destinations of desire. Southwest does excel in providing cost efficient travel rates, as well as an abundance of destinations. However like any organization there has been some conflict that has arisen from benefit of the company’s bottom line figure in generating revenue, with costing the company their customer service values. As any past air passenger may be aware of airlines tend to overbook their flights, but in the end the passenger that is bumped from their scheduled flight is compensated in another way. In 2009 Southwest abused the rule of overbooking flights and bumping there passengers and had to pay a substantial fine for doing so. Thirteen Thousand Passengers were bumped from their original flights through southwest in 2009, and were not properly informed or compensated for their inconvenience. Somewhere down the lines of communication something was missed, causing the company a fine, as well as a sour taste in customer service in those thirteen thousand passengers mouth. All it takes is for one bad experience to cost the company its credibility. If the organizations stated values which are embedded in a company’s mission statement, and what the company actually does differ, the perception of the organization tends to become unclear, and untrustworthy. A company can say they provide the best customer service, however if they are overbooking flights, not maintaining their flight equipment, and the customer has a bad experience what is one to think. An organization such as southwest has many different groups within that are responsible for different aspects of the company. It is always good to have different people from within a company that are from different areas of the organization. They all have a different point of view on things as well as come from an array of backgrounds. In a diverse atmosphere conflict will arise, however if the proper steps are followed conflict can be resolved and it could benefit the organization all around. Southwest still strives to be the best in customer service as well as the best for their employees. A few bumps in the road along the way, but all and all have managed to succeed. It is important for the organization to continue to strive and adhere to their values and goals, and if something should happen and they derive off the beat and path, they should do whatever it takes to get back on that path. ? References Mark Huffman; Consumer Affairs; “Southwest Fined for Bumping Passengers”, April 29, 2010, www. Consumeraffairs. com www. Southwest. com, About Southwest; Culture, Mission Statement

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