Organizational Behavior

Case Study: VIVEK HAS COMMUNICATION PROBLEMS Vivek has only four employees at his public relations firm Media Front. But he seems to have done a pretty good job of alienating them. According to his employees, Vivek, 47, is a brilliant guy who has a lot to learn in terms of being a better communicator. His communication style appears to be a regular source of conflict in his firm. Vivek admits he has a problem. “I’m probably not as verbally reinforcing [as I could be] when someone is doing a good job. I’m a very self-confident person. I don’t need to be told I’m doing a good job but there are people who do. ” Vivek “s employees had no problem listing off things that he does that bother them. He doesn’t meet deadlines; he does a poor job of communicating with clients (which often puts the employees in an uncomfortable position); he doesn’t listen fully to employee ideas before dismissing them; his voice tone is frequently condescending; and he’s often quick to criticize employees and is stingy with praise. Questions: 1. A lot of bosses are accused of being “poor communicators. Why do you think this is? 2. What, specifically, do you think Vivek needs to do to improve his communication skills? Answer 1 A lot of bosses are accused of being “poor communicators” because of the following: – – They make changes without discussing ideas with their employees first and to see if they are satisfied or not. Although this may be their job to improve things, if they asked opinions and then relate changes and why they are occurring to staff, the staff would feel more involved and would be more willing to cooperate due to the communication. They are impatient to listen to employees ideas, their problems, what their goals are and what is important to them. – Not encouraging them to succeed and be their role model. – Lack of communication to help employees understand their contribution to the organizational goals. – Employees deserve praise. Lack of encouragement would lead to disinterest in their whole efforts to do their jobs well. – When employees do not perform well they need to be restrained. – There is misjudgment because of lack of communication. A boss needs to know what the employee lacks in giving a good performance and needs to inform the employee about their drawbacks. Answer 2 Vivek needs to improve in his communication skills by: – – Listening to his employees needs. – Taking their opinions rather than making decisions alone. He must have weekly meetings to discuss what is on everybody’s mind and get things done. – Complimenting on his employees when they are doing good jobs. – Being careful with his words and tone of voice. – Giving them feedback of their performance and giving them further training if required. His employees are the only way of getting his job done to fulfill his goal of the organization. In order to encourage or discourage an employee’s behavior, you need to study their behavior. – Being firm with them but at the same time acknowledging their work. – Being friendlier with his employees rather than alienating them. – Improving his customer service with clients. Communication with clients is a crucial role in achieving the organizational goal. Quality customer service needs to be provided to all clients. [pic]

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