Tesla’s Organizational Culture

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Tesla's organizational culture is high in innovation and risk taking. Tesla is like "a tech company that happens to make cars"( Nicholson). The company focuses on the importance of their vehicles' features and their innovative software, that updates every three or four months, sometimes even faster. Tesla can be compared to a computer software system receiving automatic online updates ( Nicholson). This innovative culture helps them have an unique role on the market, producing not only batteries, but also solar panels, batteries, and clean energy storage. Their diverse product portfolio helps attracting potential customers and investors. Tesla's values follow its mission: sustainability through innovation (Brooks). However, being up to speed with the world and technology changes, and also innovative, companies tend to neglect their employees' needs. Tesla's organizational culture lacks people orientation. Multiple Indeed reviews indicate people having trouble trying to balance work and social life. Employees find themselves not able to move fast enough to keep up with the technological updates, and they are constantly under pressure with their superiors. Another aspect is that there is not enough communication in the work environment, because of the fast changing strategies and technological advances (www.indeed.com). Tesla's organizational culture comprises 6 core values: Move Fast, Do The Impossible, Constantly Innovate, Reason from " First Principles", Think like owners, We are ALL IN.

Where does the culture come from? The culture comes from the founder Elon Musk, whose vision statement is " to create the most compelling car company of the 21st century by driving the world's transition to electric vehicles". Tesla also presents the company's corporate mission, " to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy". (www.tesla.com/about)

How is the culture maintained Tesla is a demanding company to work for, and only people that dedicate their entire time, during and outside work hours, can truly succeed. Unlike other major companies, Tesla offers minimum to none perks for the employees. They only offer free cereal and free soda; Tesla hires people that want to work there and put their time and effort into their work in order to innovate and change alongside technology. Tesla hires and attracts talent through its core belief: "are you crazy enough to change the world with us?" (Brooks)

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