Favorite Television Show “Grey’s Anatomy”

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Imagine being able to escape from the hardships of your everyday life and submerge into a whole new world. Within this new life you will have the opportunity to completely take your mind off of a predominant stressor at the moment, and leave all your problems in the past for an hour of serenity. In just a few minutes, time will seem to feel indefinite, as it slows down while you enjoy some time on your own. What if I told you this new world was available right at your fingertips? With the effortless click of a remote, you can be carried away from the complex life you currently live in.

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“Favorite Television Show “Grey’s Anatomy””

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Television. As humans, we go through many obstacles throughout our lifetime and sometimes we just need a little break. For me, watching my favorite show allows me to not worry about exams, drama with friends, and volleyball games. Time moves along so fast that we often feel as though we have no time to sit down and relax and reflect on our own lives.

Grey’s Anatomy is my escape from reality. Every Thursday night at 9, I am taken away from my normal life as a teenager. Everyone, including you, has seen at least one episode of this medical drama show, even if you rolled your eyes every time you heard “Dr. McDreamy” or covered your eyes whenever a cut open body in surgery appeared on your television. Apart from all of the drama that occurs on this show, what fascinates me the most are the surgical procedures they perform and the scenes where some people may lose their appetite.

Every episode of Grey’s Anatomy is centered around and narrated by the main character, Meredith Grey. She shares her emotions, goals, strengths, and motivation with the audience. One thing that we learn about her is that during her childhood, she was always driven to be a doctor to follow in her mother’s footsteps. The main reason why the surgical procedures in this show fascinate me the most isn’t because of the blood and gory-like scenes, but because I too have always been driven to become a doctor just like Meredith. My mother may not be a surgeon, but for some reason when I was a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a successful doctor and being able to help people. Although the patients and procedures that are seen on this show are quite exaggerated, it still forces me to lose all track of time and be mesmerized by the thought of becoming a doctor. Within every season, viewers are saddened by the loss of a character in a tragic event. Meredith Grey is one of the strongest characters in this show who keeps it together and never loses focus even with the loss of her best friend, husband, and mother. Watching Meredith persevere through her tough obstacles inspires me to never lose focus on my goals in life no matter what happens.

My “me time” consists of me watching my favorite television show. While taking this time off to relax, it continues to inspire me a little more each time I watch it. My dream of becoming a doctor has stayed with me up until high school, and I plan on working hard to make it become a reality. Grey’s Anatomy is my escape from the real world, what’s yours?

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