Mass Media Outlets such as the Internet, Television

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Mass media outlets such as the internet, television, and radio has significantly changed how we view and function in society. Although some may not realize the impact of mass media on our subconscious it does adversely affect our being. Our very first contact with media takes place as kids watching cartoons, soap operas with our mom, or listening to the radio. During our juvenile years, we may not be able to digest the verbiage but we can digest through visualization.

Psychologists emphasize the negative impacts of cartoons on children. To their conclusions, kids who watch cartoons 3-4 hours a day are prone to violence. At such a young age, we watch kids imitate behavior that kids see on the daily from human beings. When constantly watching cartoons that objectify violence displayed by colorful characters turn into role models for the young children. Boys are drawn to cartoons that display fighting and gun violence. Kids who watch violent cartoons are more likely to display early signs of aggression and disobedience. When a child sees violence to solve a problem, this could be their reaction to problem solving.

One of the most violent cartoons currently on television is South Park. South Park is a cartoon that takes place in a small village in Colorado. South Park focuses on the lives of the people in the isolated community. The children in the TV are in elementary school that maybe why children are attracted to the adult cartoon. There is an online review for kids who watch South Park. This website allows children and parents to write reviews on cartoons and TV shows. The kids range from age 7-17.

Below are some of the reviews about the show. Kid 11 years old- “Best show on tv” “OK. Everybody out there thinks that South Park is so horrible and stuff. In my opinion South Park is one of the best shows on TV. It makes fun of everything and it has some great points and brings up some great topics. The first time I saw it was when I was 8. You see everyone in America thinks that if you heard the word "sex" before you're 15 you'll end up a prostitute drug addict. Not true. This show has some great jokes and in most episodes there is some kind of moral. Trust me. I am a student in an elementary school and all of my friends there know perfectly well what sex is. A lot of kids must say f*ck an hundred times an day. So compared to what kids hear in schools, this so isn't that bad.”

Parent of a 7 and 9 year old “Awful’

“I just realized my nine year old was watching this on a regular basis, I thought it was ok because it was a cartoon and then I saw some of it. It is AWFUL and not appropriate for children”

Is it ok for parents to let their child be exposed to violence and vulgar language at such a young age. Will their children be allowed to display the behavior shown on South Park. Cartoons push children into roles that could be prevented or prolonged. Boys become violent and girls become natures. Most cartoons that young girls watch show them as passive women. Disney princesses show most of them being passive and not involved in any action or for example ‘Mulan” where she goes to fight for her fathers honor but she has to pretend to be a man. Most young girls probably do not know that women could go to the army.

Cartoons are important to teaching children and can be very fundamental. However, as parents we need to monitor what our children are watching and actually watch the cartoons so that when something goes wrong we are there to step in and explain what needs to be done right.

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