Benefits of an Anatomy Course

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Ever since my grandmother passed away from surgery I have always known that I wanted to become a doctor. I thought that if I knew what the doctors knew I could have saved her then and did something different that may have saved her life. But along with my grandmother’s passing, I always had an interest in surgery, and the human body. I loved watching Grey’s anatomy and watching surgery demonstrations on YouTube. I even sometimes went to the library and looked at pictures in science books on human anatomy. And when I came to Hampton, I thought I could try out my interest in the human body, and surgery, by enrolling in an anatomy class as a part of my major. But since I came to Hampton University, I’ve found my major, the Biology Pre-Medical major, does not have an anatomy class in the curriculum. The only reason I’ve heard, which I don’t accept, is that anatomy isn’t needed right now because we will learn anatomy in medical school or graduate school. But I want to learn about anatomy now, during my Undergraduate studies. And anatomy should definitely be a course that is added to the Biology Pre-Medical major curriculum.

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“Benefits of an Anatomy Course”

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Most Biology Pre-Medical majors will need to eventually understand what causes the body to behave the way it does because it will be a basic requirement of knowledge for what they would like to do in the future. Anatomy is just that: a study of the structure or internal workings of something and, in this case, the body, because the structure and internal workings of something determine the behavior of the body. I know for sure that I will need anatomy in my future as a Biology Pre-Medical major because I want to have a career as a surgeon. As a surgeon, I will need to know every part of the body and how it functions because I am going to be working directly with the body, cutting into a human being’s body. And If I were to cut into a human’s body without knowing the functions and the parts of the body, that person could die or suffer terrible complications. I could get sued and lose my license for malpractice. Fortunately, there are tests, and requirements of higher education in place to prevent surgeons from practicing without knowledge of anatomy, but I would like to know now. You can never learn enough about the human body, especially if you are a surgeon, like I would like to become.

Anatomy also just plain interests me, and with all the difficult classes I have to take as a Biology Pre-Medical major, I would like them to at least interest me, and engage me more than I have been engaged. My grades don’t suffer from my lack of interest, but I’m in college now, and in college I should be able to explore. And I think I’ve earned the right given this high tuition, but that’s beside the point. Since anatomy is not a part of my course curriculum, I would have to take it as an elective, so basically, I would have to pay out of pocket for something that’s not getting me any closer to my degree. I know a lot of people who feel the same about their other majors, and how they can’t really afford to just take a class in something interesting if it’s not a part of their curriculum, and especially if it affects their GPA. And, as I said before, I will have to learn it in the future anyways. So why can’t I take an interesting class, learn fascinating things and information about the human body, which I will retain for life, and also get closer to my degree? Knowledge shouldn’t be held back from me simply because it’s not required, but since that is how our education system is operating, then I’d like to add anatomy to the list of courses I’m required to take.

And I would also like to learn about the body I’m living in, as well as the many I will be performing surgeries on. College is the place to explore what you might come to love, challenge yourself, and find yourself. An anatomy course, as a Biology Pre-Medical major, will help me do just that. I love thinking about the human body, how it can be healed and fixed of injuries and problems. I love the idea that I can understand my own body, the veins, the fingers, the bones, the muscles. And I love the idea that I will be challenged with intense knowledge of my own body too, and that if I took a course in anatomy as a Biology Pre-Medical major, I would have knowledge that can interest me for life. Because I think I’ve found what I love to do, my calling, and I’d like as much information on my calling as possible.

I should be learning about human anatomy as a part of my studies as a Biology Pre-Medical major, and Hampton should make a change so that I can. No curriculum requirements should be stopping me from learning information about my future career choice, and if I will be learning about a topic in the future as a part of my continued education, then it should be taught now as well. Also, college should be a place for me to explore my academic interests and find out more about what exactly I want to do when I graduate, and when I graduate from graduate and medical school studies. Finally, I would like to learn about it for myself. Anatomy is not only a part of what I need to know to perform as a surgeon, but also a topic I would like to have knowledge of. And knowledge shouldn’t be held back from me, or other Biology Pre-Medical majors, because we will just learn it later. If I want to learn it now, I should be able to. More knowledge has always been a good thing to have, and more knowledge never hurt anybody.

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