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Every thursday night at exactly nine o’clock, millions of people get their popcorns ready and turn on their television to ABC to watch Grey’s Anatomy. It is currently the top-ranked medical drama on television, reaching many households around the world. It is an ABC drama television series written and produced by Shonda Rhimes, and it has been airing since two-thousand five. The show is based around the ups and downs of the main characters lives. Some of those character’s are Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, and Derek Shepherd and a few other medical interns and surgeons of the hospital. This show portrays medical events that have actually taken place around the world in many hospitals. The setting is mainly in the fictional hospital called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital and sometimes in the character’s homes. Many people instantly fall in love with the characters and the show after just seeing one episode. therefore, they are currently going strong on their fifteenth season. This show hooks the attention of everyone including teenagers and adults, because of its characters interesting drama filled lives. 

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Grey’s Anatomy is better than any other hospital related drama TV show. In this regard, Grey’s Anatomy is extremely successful due to the captivating characters, absorbing plots, and compelling characters. To begin with, in order to understand the show it’s important to know and understand the characters.The characters make decisions that real people make everyday, which makes it much easier to relate with. Over the seasons, different characters have been dropped with others being introduced depending on the plot and the careers of actors and actresses in the show. However, this did not affect the show’s ratings and number of viewers. The main characters are all doctors in Seattle, a prestigious title and place to be practicing. They’re a racially mixed group of twenty-something year olds. 

The main character in the show that leads is Ellen Pompeo, who plays Meredith Grey. One of the challenges she faces is doing the same character for fourteen years in a row, and she gets better and better every year that goes by. She started off as an emotionally broken intern who was having sexual relations with her boss Derek Shepherd. As time went by she became a widow and partial owner of the hospital with three children, who’s been through more trauma than anyone can possibly imagine. There is Christina Yang, which is Ellen’s best friend. They call each “my person,” they are best-friends and tell each other everything. They have an unbreakable bond, that can instantly be seen throughout the show. Dr. Cristina Yang is the most focused of all the attendees, both during their intern years and their new beginnings as residents. She has both flawless surgical skills as well as a limitless collection of medical knowledge memorized. While she has all these good characteristics, one seems to be lacking. A significant character trait she lacks is empathy, and it shows throughout her relationships in the show. Another leading character is Derek Shepherd played by Patrick Dempsey, whos a neurosurgeon. He’s the heart throb of the show, everyone obsesses over his looks and his relationship with Meredith Grey. All these characters are together every single day, so they are prone to becoming close and sharing details of their life together. They eat, sleep, work, and do pretty much everything with each other so they are all like a family.

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