Elementary Memories

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One of my favorite memories of Elementary school was in Kindergarten when we raised baby chicks. The baby chicks were given to us as eggs and we kept them in an incubator for a couple of days. After 3 or so days we were all getting worried about our baby chicks because none of them had shown sides of hatching. The next day in the middle of class one of the baby chicks poked is little beak through, then all of the chicks started hatching. Our whole class stopped and stared in awe as we watched the baby chicks hatch. A couple of days later we were allowed to take the chicks out of the incubator and play with them. We all sat around a big yellow sheet of paper and Mrs.Cook our teacher put all of the baby chicks out on the piece of paper. We all were so excited to hold the little yellow balls of fluff. The baby chicks were so hard to keep in our circle. They kept jumping over all of our hands and feet. One chick ran all around our classroom before we caught it. Playing with and taking care of the baby chicks was one of my favorite memories in Elementary school.

Another one of my favorite memories of elementary school was in Second grade. At the beginning of second grade we were told to make a class mission that we would say or in our case sing every morning. Our particular class mission was to be sung. Our class put a lot of effort into our classes mission we brainstormed ideas and then came up with the words for our mission. Once we decided on the words to our mission we decided that it would sound better if it was sung. So we came up with a tune and set it to our lyrics. We then put our class mission poster outside of our classroom, everyone loved it but knowone could figure out how it was supposed to be sung. So our wonderful teacher Mrs.Buttler came up with an idea. She found a button that could record our voices and could replay it over and over. When we recorded our voices into the button we hung it outside with our poster. Now everybody could hear our mission sung properly.

My last favorite memories of elementary school were secret Santa shopping that I took part in 6th grade. Secret Santa shopping is an event that a few select sixth grades get to take part in. The main idea of secret Santa shopping is to buy toys and items that someone less fortunate asked for, you then have $100 to try to get everything on their wishlist. After school, about 35 sixth graders and a couple of parents and teachers boarded a bus to travel to Walmart so that we could buy our items. When we got there I started with the bare necessities like clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene items. After I got the necessities I got to start the fun things like the toys and extra trinkets they wanted. I was able to get everything on my persons to wishlist except a few items that didn’t fit into my budget. A few days later we started to wrap our items, the teachers brought in a couple of fifth graders to help to. We got snacks and drinks to eat while we wrapped. Secret Santa shopping was so much fun and I am glad I was able to participate.

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