Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction

The term intelligence means to observe and deal with the different situation. Everyone is different from others, like they have different personalities and state of mind. Beside this emotions are short an intense. Intelligence has been an area of considerable research and debate. According to Solvey & Mayer Emotional Intelligence (EI) “It is a skill which able person to control their feelings and as well as others feelings and emotions to how to differentiate their feelings and use them in appropriate situations and also guide other how to deal with the problems. (Solvey &Mayer, 1990).For a successful career employees should know their problems and also know how to deal with them within an organization.

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“Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction”

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Commitment of employee increases when top management understands their employees needs and provide required support to address their issues. Beside this bosses should have open door policies to provide additional moral support. Employee need to build positive relations with colleagues. EI focuses on that how individual cope and deal with their emotions. People with high emotional intelligence know how to solve their problems and they also know proper measures and actions, so they don’t get depressed easily at work, such people with this skill are more productive and are good in relation building and it result in increasing the organizational commitment (Ahiauzu, 2010). People with low EI face lots of problems and they don’t know how to deal with their problems and they can’t work effectively and efficiently.

The study will analyze the impact of emotional intelligence on job satisfaction and commitment in selected private hospital and would use secondary as well as primary data to determine impact of emotional intelligence at all levels. The project will collect data, analyze it and reach a conclusion on the assumption. The project will also provide important suggestions.1.2 Background:This idea to measure impact of emotional intelligence on job satisfaction and commitment and would provide a new perspective on this issue and may highlight few neglected areas of interest which were previously not addressed. This topic may have been already addressed by several researchers but this project will validate impacts of EI at work place. Hospitals are the place where we deal with emotions every day. The work atmosphere is stressful and demanding as they work around the clock. No other place needs EI as much hospitals. Employers need to support and understand their team and staff should be nice towards their clients.For successful employee it is compulsory to have different level of emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1990).. Many companies which are operating in multiple locations and they are focusing on subject because maintaining the large numbers of employees is not an easy task.

In order to become successful person, one should have the content of emotional intelligence (Goleman, 1990). 1.3 Objectives The main purpose of this study is to know the impact of Emotional Intelligence on Wellbeing and on work place.The objective are- To investigate if EI has an impact on job satisfaction.- To investigate EI has an impact on organization commitment.- How each dimensions of emotion Emotional Intelligence at the work place has an impact on organizational commitment and job satisfaction?1.4 Significance This research is focusing on employee emotions on workplace and how to overcome the emotions through emotion intelligence. Motivated employee increases the efficiency of the business and also decreases the work pressure by using of emotional intelligence. The objective of the study is to resolves the frequency of emotional intelligence affecting the number of employee.

EI is a very powerful instrument to be study with workplace and wellbeing. Usually people face social and personal issues on daily bases in their lives. The person with low Emotional Intelligence has low resistance to deal with their issues and such person faces more issues. Emotional intelligence is a good medium towards calculating about the success.


Type of Research

The research type used Quantitative Research. This type of research emphasizes objective measurements. It uses the statistical, mathematical, or numerical analysis of data. This data is collected by questionnaires and surveys.

Data Collection Sources

Respondents/employees of the Maroof International Hospital Islamabad. Researcher will participate herself for collecting the data. Researcher will use primary sources because it provides direct or firsthand evidence. Research articles, research reports and other published material will be used as secondary source of data collection in the study.

Data collection tools/instruments

Questionnaires are data collection tools or instruments. It is cheap and quick method for getting the response.5-point Likert Scale will be used in this research work.

Subjects/participants- Employees of Maroof International Hospital- Sample Size is 50 employees. Male and female employees of all levels- Sampling technique for this research was convenience sampling. It is easy technique. Respondents are easily accessible.

Field Work/Data Collection

Researcher will visit herself to the Maroof Hospital Islamabad.Telephone / Emails / Questioners will be used for the data collection.

Data Processing and Analysis

Excel tool will be used for analysis. Descriptive statistical techniques will be used.Chapter No.


  1. Salovey, P., & Mayer, J. D. (1990). Emotional Intelligence. Imagination, cognition and personality, 9(3), 185-211).
  2. Dass, R., & Goleman, D. (1990). Journey of awakening: A meditators guidebook. Bantam.
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