Emotional Intelligence Theorists

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Allison MillerDenver School of NursingHendrie Weisinger is one of the emotional intelligence theorists. He is a licensed psychologist trained in counseling, both school and organized psychology. He also does marriage, family and child counseling (Weisinger, 2018). Dr. Weisinger was the originator or criticism training and one of the experts in anger management (Weisinger, 2018). He has written books, journal articles, and leads lectures at UCLA. His books include Nobodys Perfect (Weisinger, 2018). Hendrie Weisinger researched the impact of emotional responses in personal and work settings (Emotional Competence Framework and ESAP Skip Navigation Previous Page Next Page Topic Navigation Slider, 2018). Emotional Intelligence at Work is about using your emotions to help you and your co-workers work better.

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“Emotional Intelligence Theorists”

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The use of emotional intelligence leads to productive outcomes for both the individual person and for the organization as a whole (Fernsler). Weisinger has emphasized the importance of intentionally learning and making emotions work to enhance both self and others. He showed how emotional intelligence can be developed and nurtured through learning as well as practice (Fernsler). He focuses especially on self-awareness, emotional management, and self-motivation.When effectively managing emotions you need to develop skills to do this as well as having good problem-solving skills. When doing this, Weisinger has steps to follow to be able to do this successfully. He states that you can use these techniques when working in any relationship.

First you must change your perception so that you dont view the situation as a problem but just a something that requires a response (Fernsler). Then you need to create a list of possible solutions to this (Fernsler). Now explore the solutions that you created (Fernsler). Then you would define the best strategies and evaluate the results of the strategies applied (Fernsler). You also need to be analyzing a relationship with work. This starts with knowing relationship boundaries (Fernsler). Then you need to consider what your expectations for relationship are (Fernsler). Also get to know what other peoples perceptions of you are (Fernsler). Determine what the desired outcomes for this are and keep your emotional perspective (Fernsler). When doing this you will want to know how to calm a person and be supportive to them (Fernsler). I chose this theory because Weisenger emphasizes the importance in yourself and your co-workers (Emotional Competence Framework and ESAP Skip Navigation Previous Page Next Page Topic Navigation Slider, 2018). I think it is important to be cognizant of not only yourself but of those around you.

This shows how you can improve your own emotional intelligence and have emotional growth. It also shows how your team as a whole can be supported and have a good emotional working relationship. This theory focuses development on skills related to self-awareness, emotional management, and self-motivation (Emotional Competence Framework and ESAP Skip Navigation Previous Page Next Page Topic Navigation Slider, 2018). I think that all of these are important to a healthy working person, especially working in the medical field.

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