Motivating Emotional Intelligence

In this article, the researchers are studying emotional intelligence and how it affects people in a social standpoint as well as how it helps motivate the emotions in others in certain situations. What is also being researched is that what is the main difference between BAS and BIS. The hypothesis and predictions that are done by the researchers is that Emotional Intelligence is positively correlated to BAS (Behavioral Approach System) and negatively correlated to BIS (Behavioral Inhibition System). According to Allison Bacon and Phillip Corr, also in the hypothesis, the BAS were connected to positive behaviors whereas BIS was connected to negative behaviors. After the results from the first study, they have found the emotional intelligence was positivity connected with Behavioral Approach System, but is negative with Behavioral Inhibition System.According Bacon and Corr, their research supports their hypothesis because the researchers correctly predicted that the BAS connects to positive behaviors and BIS connects to negative behaviors and shows that people with positive emotional intelligence are shown to have positive behaviors and people with negative emotional intelligence who show negative behaviors.

The people that shown to have high positive emotions usually set high standards for themselves such as meeting all of their goals, high motivation towards anything they want to accomplish, and staying away from any sort of negative emotion that could distract them from their goals. People who have negative emotions shows sign of declining motivating, lack of social interactions, reduction in self-control, and an absence of goal seeking. According to Bacon and Corr, the implications of this research is connect to the real world is by having the people who show signs of high emotional intelligence are going to be successful in social environments such as school and work because those people are able to keep their emotions under their control and are able to meet their goals in a timely manner. People with high EI that thrive in workplaces and school are more likely to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to achieve their goals but are not hasty to receive an reward for their work. For the participants that participated in this study, their doesnt seem to be an issue with ethical concerns only measuring how their emotional intelligence compares to others.

If I were a participant in this study, I think I wouldve been satisfied with the outcome because I think Im a person who has good emotional intelligence and if I were to take the Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire, I would receive a high score on the test. I think I would score high on the questionnaire because I think that I am a person who has great self-control over controlling my emotions under control and never struggled to let my emotions to get the best of me even in situations that are not going in my favor. I also am a person who has a positive attitude that usually sets goals for myself, has high standards for myself from my education and at the workplace and I am able to have social interactions with my peers and co-workers without showing any negative emotions.

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