Emotional Intelligence and Behavior

Emotional intelligence is being aware of ones emotions as well as being able to handle interpersonal judiciously and empathetically. This is extremely important and without it people would have a difficult time communicating with one another. Not knowing or understanding what emotional intelligence is can lead a person to miss the most fundamental social and emotional cues, compromising their ability to share feelings and empathize. Emotional intelligence is social intelligence it allows an individual to express his or her emotions. As humans it is what keeps us going being able to express to bother human how feel about something without it getting physical is what emotional intelligence is as it states in the article, The capacity of the individual for appraisal and expression of emotion (Jiatao 749). Its knowing when is it the right or wrong time to say something. The fundamental skills are to simply be able to express your emotions to someone else. Having control of your emotions as well as knowing how to handle other peoples emotions.

These are the things that makes us who we are and why we need them. In a real-life scenario, I can use a five-year-old autistic child that I work with daily this child struggles daily with this because he does not have the full ability to express himself. He has a hard time trying to express how he feels about something as well as a hard time understanding what others are trying to express. He will then become agitated and do things he shouldnt. this is someone who lacks emotional intelligence but someone who does not has the ability to see someone upset and feel compassion as well as know not to be mean or hurt them more. Someone who is upset about a death in the family wouldnt go on a killing spree because they know how to control their emotions and express them. I do believe that it is more important than IQ because in this life you need to communicate and be able to handle certain things and what comes from others. We are a society that already struggles with lack of communication skills so if we only had IQ, I dont think any of us would get very far. In my perspective IQ is just how smart a person is but emotional intelligence is more than that its life and how to interact with others as well as yourself. I believe emotional intelligence is like being compassionate and feeling for others in a situation that you should because as humans we should. I absolutely agree that emotional intelligence is much more important.

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