The Concepts of Multiple Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence and their Impact on Workplace Performance

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When Linguistic and Logical intelligence are given prime importance in the schools, little importance is given to the other intelligences that could also be possessed by the students. From artists to musician, from Entrepreneurs to naturalists, all these professionals showcase intelligence much beyond the general concepts of Linguistic and logical intelligence that needs to be polished as well. It is because of the lack of reinforcement of these concepts during the early days of growth and development, i.e. in school that they could be termed as 'ADD' (Attention Deficit Disorder). The theory hence concentrates upon transforming the conventional teaching concepts in school and thereby makes learning more relevant to the students in terms of imbibing the culture of cooperative learning, introduction of EduComp. systems in the schools, role plays for better understanding of the teaching, excursions and other activities into the school system.

When it comes to determining of its effectiveness for both employees and managers, it is observed that the adult personality and learning lays it foundation back to the childhood days of development itself. Certain employees and managers, both have such intelligences that they could not optimize at the workplace constructively. However, if the HR department can tap these resources with the view to exploit the same for the best of both, the Organization and well as for the employee’s personal growth and motivation, then this theory cab be put into a great practical use. Assessment of these skills as per the theory could help select such employees in the system by the managers that can be most suitable to undertake the activities as per their intelligence and therefore this theory could be effective enough to make the job appear more welcoming and contenting to the employees as well as to the managers.

The next concept for learning is the 'Emotional Intelligence'. It is the universal aptitude of a person to deal with the environment in a more valuable manner. This intelligence gives a capacity to a person to control one's emotions as well as that of the others by being able to differentiate between various types of emotions by labeling them in the most suitable manner. It guides the behavior of an individual with regards its thinking activity. In this regard, a self-report needs to be prepared to assess one's own abilities in order to measure its effectiveness. To assess the same, trait model that includes the variables of compassion and welfare is adapted to generally.

To the employees and managers, who aspire to undertake the roles of leadership in their own possible way, this intelligence influences the behavior of other employees working under them in a favorable manner. Moreover, if the Emotional Intelligence is high of the HR personnel, then it further boost the process of recruitment and selecting of the appropriate employees whose intelligence matches with what the Organization is looking for. It further helps in understanding the emotions of the group members, thereby improving the overall performances of the group. Also, it enables to impact the emotions of others by taking a control of it and thereby accomplishing the group task in most appropriate way.

What is the business rationale for managing and increasing the level of diversity within organizations? There are some great examples of companies such as PepsiCo who have delivered significant profit increases through products and ideas resulting from a diverse workforce.

The business rationale for managing and increasing the level of diversity within organizations is that it not only improves the corporate image globally but also encourages productivity and creativity of the employees internally.

If any business wants to aim for success in the long run, diversity in the organization leads the way for it. With the teams having people of all the diverse cultures, races and countries, there is a variety of ideas and multiple perspectives on every issue. The same ideologies being followed in the companies get a creative boost and fresh ideas or perspectives when people from diverse cultures interact and brainstorm. Companies usually try to form a team of diverse employees so that a healthy discussion and debate will help to bring better ideas on the table so that the decision-making process is vetted by all perspectives.

Apart from the internal innovation in business decisions, the company gets a boost on its brand image as well due to high diversity level in their organization. The inclusion of all genders, ages, races, cultures helps in building a positive corporate image which in turn gives a great competitive advantage. The increasing diversity displays to customers that everyone is welcome in their organization and thus translates to customers favouring the brand more compared to their competitors.

The efforts for increasing diversity opens job opportunities across which in turn helps to elevate the organization value. It opens marketing opportunities in diverse markets which their employees bring to the table. The global reach of the organization increases to every culture along with better recruiting options from a diverse pool of people. The business advantage can not only be achieved by a increasing market of the product but by also decreasing the cost incurred in hiring, product marketing and new market research analysis. The added advantage of diversity also includes better funding from investors due to positive image of company, and free publicity or advertising of the company


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