Over-emotional Imbalance Leading to Drug Abuse

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Holism refers to patient care that practices many different aspects of wellness beyond medicine and healthcare rehab facilities. Holistic therapy practices originate from cultural traditions and are known for being close to nature and basically concentrate on the physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness of the patient. Holistic addiction treatment targets various causes that are known to contribute to addiction. Among these disorders includes Physical evidence of addiction and withdrawal. An overemotional imbalance that leads to drug or substance abuse. Inadequate spiritual foundation can result in self-medicating making drugs desirable. A chemical imbalance from bad eating habits affects the brain and nerves.

 The benefit of holistic therapies is that they boost you to find relief from addiction symptoms from within rather than just relying on traditional medical treatments. Since holistic addiction treatment is a positive approach for patients in rehab. it's also very important that they embrace these skills in recovery with strategies for maintaining their sobriety throughout their lives. Most holistic addiction treatment centers believe that the holistic program is the best way to treat addiction and provide lasting recovery. Listed below are the holistic therapies used in combination with traditional medical treatment. 

Acupuncture and Acupressure 

This helps to reduce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which makes it more likely that someone will successfully get through the first few critical days of addiction treatment. Massage for addiction withdrawal and recovery can relieve pain, agitation, tension, anxiety, and sleep problems by providing a natural alternative method of healing free of drugs. Theta Energy Work Theta Healing uses brainwaves that are slowed to a relaxed condition to remove a person’s limiting subconscious while in a meditative state which relaxes the patient for better physical healing. Theta therapy is used for emotional healing and can be helpful with, releasing feelings of rejection, resentment, easing depression, and helping in relinquishing traumatic experiences from childhood

. Theta Healing can also be helpful for those struggling with addictions like drugs and alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, chocolate, and the abuse of prescription medications. Yoga and Meditation Because meditation produces an increased peace of mind, it increases self-awareness of negative behaviors and emotions, and reduces relapse-causing stressors, and offers therapeutic benefits. Nutritional Therapy It has been recognized by Hospitals that about one in four persons struggling with substance abuse was malnourished, and half were deficient in vitamins and nutrients, such as zinc, several B vitamins, iron, and protein. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback The benefits of biofeedback depend on the skills you need to learn. 

Learning to relax the muscles in your back, shoulders, and neck, you may be able to get rid of or lessen back pain, tension headaches, or clenching and grinding of your teeth which can result in jaw pain. By learning to practice a relaxation response other than a stress response, anxiety can be reduced. The Neurofeedback benefits that you learn may increase clarity and cognitive stamina and decrease fuzzy thinking. It’s more important to find the form of treatment that’s best for your specific needs. Addiction is a lethal disease that causes serious health issues and vital organ damage, but everyone suffering from emotional or substance disorders has a chance and the choice to turn their life around with positive energy.   

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