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I decided to get rid of my first vehicle which was a Dodge Dakota mainly because of the gas mileage but I also wanted something else. So, my journey to find a new vehicle started online such as craigslist and also Facebook marketplace. I was actually able to find multiple cars to what I have now which is a 2005 Nissan 350z but at the time I was so antsy I wanted any one I could find and possibly afford. I was close to buying one through impulse, but my mom helped me realize that when the right one comes along that I will know as well as she would know. After months of looking and wanting a 350z so very badly I was lucky to stumble on the one I currently own.

As always I was looking on Facebook, and at this time is was past midnight and I was sitting in bed just looking having no hope on finding ""The One"", I found this 350z that was only about two and a half hours away from my house, but I figured there was no way I could possibly get it because it was listed at $6,000 and that car was perfect. The next morning, I was talking to my parents about the car and they told me to go ahead and send the guy a message. At that moment I was as happy as I've been since looking at the cars. My messages to the owner were short because I was so eager to get this one, I asked if the vehicle was still available and he said ""yes it is"", at that moment I hopped on the opportunity and offered him $5,500 cash that day instead of the $6,000 he normally wanted, which was already low for what this car is valued at. He then answered back with a ""Yes I would"".

At the current time of this happening I still had my truck and I only had $3,500 saved up so I was upset that I couldn't fully afford it but luckily my step-dad was able to loan me the rest of the money until I had sold my truck to pay him back which I did a week or so after I got the vehicle. Before leaving to go get the car we stopped at my step-dads shop to pick up a few things to see if the vehicle is worth it or not, he's a mechanic so why not use the resources and knowledge if you have it.

So around 3pm that day; my step-dad and I drove up to Deland, Daytona which was were the car was located at and the drive there was very uneventful just lots of talk about the car and hoping it's not a scam. We were about 10 minutes away and it started to rain which is always a bad thing to happen when trying to test drive a car. As we showed up to the meet spot which was a Lowes around that area it also started to HAIL. The hail wasn't coming down hard, but it was surely denting my step-dads van and was making this process to test drive this vehicle hard.

First time seeing the car in person I was in awe, I couldn't see any dents or scratches even after it dried it was perfect and shined in the light everywhere I went. My step-dad did everything to check it to make sure it was in good condition and he couldn't find a single issue with anything. The car is a standard transmission or manual which I didn't know how to drive at the time, so my step-dad did all the driving to let me know how he felt about it. After the drive the owner explained to me why he went with me instead of the other 200+ messages he got later that day, he said I was the first person to give him a solid deal without any questions. So, we signed all the paper work over that needed to be done then we gave him the cash and my step-dad, and I started our journey back home.

Since I didn't know how to drive a manual car at the time he drove it back and I had to drive his van back which I wasn't too fond about because its bigger than what I'm ever used to driving. Anyway, the drive back wasn't very eventful either except at one point where someone cut me off and I was about ?? a car length away from the persons car but luckily, I was able to get over into another lane quickly and regain control and not crash. So that was all that about that had happened on the way back to our shop because I couldn't take it home cause the car sat too low for daily use, it sat about 3 finger widths off the ground when I first got it.

That following week at work we did some work to my car including changing our rear cv axles because those were toast and I also had to raise the car up, so it could be driven daily with minimal issues. The end of the week my step-dad drove the car home, so I could practice driving it during the weekend, unfortunately on the way home he hit a dead possum on the way home which took a rather large chunk out of my front bumper cause of how low it still is. When I found out about the bumper I was upset because I just got the car, but it isn't anyone's fault, so I got over it rather quickly and I recently bought a new bumper to replace it, I just have to get it painted and get a few other parts for it before it goes on the car.

This car is a blast to drive and I would come home with a smile ear to ear every night after driving it for a while. So far, I haven't changed much except some interior parts such as my steering wheel, which comes off and clicks back on in a matter of seconds, sounds quite pointless but actually has some major pros such as doing interior work and needing extra space. I plan to get different seats, change out the speakers in the car to better aftermarket ones, I also want to put in different suspension on the vehicle. So far this has been a vehicle that has been one of my favorites growing up and never thought I would own one, especially at 18 years old.

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