Discipline and Management: Different Yet Related

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Discipline and Management: Different yet Related The first rule of being a good teacher is learning how to manage your classroom as well as discipline your students. In this essay we are going to talk about what this means as well as what behavior and misbehavior means. We will discuss their definitions, their similarities and differences, as well as how the pairs relate to each other. In order to be a successful teacher you must first have a well managed classroom which means you must establish and maintain order of your class and students. This promotes a healthy and safe learning environment for your students. Then you must maintain discipline at all times. Discipline means to teach. A teacher must use an actively teaching process involving communication (to change a behavior). However, they must ensure that they do not use any form of punishment. Punishment is an expression of personal authority based on retribution or revenge. Behavior is what all teachers want our students to strive for and achieve in our classrooms. Behavior is actions that are considered “good” and are non-disruptive. If teachers are able to maintain a well managed and disciplined classroom then they can avoid student misbehavior. Misbehavior is actions that are considered unruly and disruptive to others. It is of upmost importance for all teachers to stay atop of their student’s actions in class from the first day of school as it sets the tone for how the entire school year will go. For instance, if the teacher lays out the ground work for a well structured and fully disciplined classroom where the students know what exactly is expected of them from the beginning, then the teacher will have well behaved students clear through to the end of the year. However, if the opposite occurs and they do not have a well managed classroom without any sort of structure and the students do not know what is expected of them from the beginning and there is no real discipline, then the teacher will have all sorts of disciplinary problems out of the students all year long that will likely get worse as the year goes on. As you can see, management and discipline go hand in hand. A teacher needs them both in order to have a solid functioning classroom, a well oiled achine if you will. Management establishes and maintains order in the classroom and discipline to correct the misbehavior's in the classroom. They are not the same yet they are related as they are both of teacher responsibility. Behavior and misbehavior as stated above are polar opposites. One is good actions and the other is unruly and disruptive actions. But the similarity is that of which they are of student actions and responsibility.
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