Writing in the Discipline: Business Administration

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Written communication is the metaphorical blueprint for success of any business. This is fundamental in business, as it is about sharing vital information in an effective manner within a professional setting. This is achieved by presenting ideas in a concise and coherent form. To accommodate different perspectives of an audience, business writing utilizes APA and MLA format to present various expression of writing for college and career success.

Business writing entails of styles that pertain to its audience. Specific styles are used in different forms of business writing such as letters, formal reports, emails, and memos. Business majors must be able to master their discipline style of writing for success in presenting information to their audience. Knowledge in various style of writing, helps the writer convey their objective and relatable to the audience.

Recognizing the audience expectations determines the purpose of the subject matter and the style of writing needed for presentation. Information contents are formatted in relation to the recipient. For example, to address a formal audience. business writers use APA style to cite sources in economic research letters or reports; therefore, achieving a practical and objective analysis. Excessive use of wordings or metaphorical language does not appeal to a formal audience. In his article, Martin Dick asserts that “describing your strategy in enough pages to require a staple, but not so many to require a binder, will also force you to explain it in language the people who are supposed to approve it can understand” (41). APA style writing provides the writer with a concise form of relaying information through headings and subheadings. This conclusively provides the audience with a concise transition from each major section of the letter.

Verbal usage in a writer’s contents can be the beginning and continuity of a business relationship. Adapting to diversity in business establishments is a key factor, in recognizing the medium needed to solidify engagement in writing. For instance, business emails or memos can be tailored informally towards a familiar platform by using MLA style. This style permits subjective and figurative language, that complements personal expression and views verbalized in writing. It helps project the tone in their writing, “studies suggest that the presence and form of various textual cues in e-mails can be used to analyze the presumed intentions of senders/authors, their impression management strategies, and the nature of their relationships with recipients/addressees/readers” (Caron et al 10). This leads to a mutual understanding between the sender and the receiver, thus determining how the reader responds to the content.

Proficient writing skills are built with learning and nurturing the basics of writing in business. Students who major in Business Administration are required to have good writing skills, that are sustainable for success in college and beyond. This can be acquired by outlining, organizing, editing and revising the content of their work. Teresa Welder states that “The use of a multi-step process for writing and the continued practice of the steps can be instrumental in improving writing skills and providing students with a skill that is vital for both academic and career success” (64). This enables the student to refine and organize their ideas in a coherent manner. Practicing and developing good writing skills in college is essential because it directly reflects the student’s writing capability in the workforce. It enhances their career prospects and credibility. Business organizations tend to associate quality writing skills with professional efficiency. Resulting as a hiring criterion for students in business majors.

Writing in business discipline consists of diversity in style, format, and context. However, the objective remains to be able to provide quality information and interaction with the audience. As well as, modifying the writing contents to the audience interests. Execution of organized and professional writing is made practical, by using APA and MLA format as an underlying principle for structure.

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