Is Corporal Punishment a Way to Discipline Children

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Corporal punishment is often striking a kid with a paddle, stick, hand, ruler or strap, to try and show a child right from wrong. Corporal punishment is only allowed in a few states, and have been banned in others. The states that still allow corporal punishment are; Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana. Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming. A few of the states that still allow corporal punishment, need permission from the parents. The parents would sign a paper saying they do or do not allow the school to punish their child with corporal punishment.        

Corporal punishment is said to be a good way to discipline children when it is used in moderation. A child may be put in a time-out as a means of punishment, hitting is not always the only thing used. Though, corporal punishment is not good to use for a fair amount of children. Corporal punishment may cause long-lasting physical and mental harm on the child. This being said, the child may show signs of mental harm, by flinching or placing their arms up in defense when another person raises their hand around the child.        

To many school officials and other school related personnel, corporal punishment in their eyes, sets clear boundaries of right and wrong, as well as, motivates the child to do what is right during their time in school. Their argument being that students will make better choices for themselves, due to the fact that they do not want to be punished. Many parents do not agree with the corporal punishment though. They see corporal punishment as a reason for the school environment to be violent and unsafe. The children may feel scared in the school, due to the chance of them receiving corporal punishment for minor issues.        

Many students may choose corporal punishment to get out of going to detention or being suspended. The students see corporal punishment as a quick punishment, which does not require make-up work or much time out of class. Many argue that corporal punishment endangers a child's education and is an inappropriate means of punishment. Many parents believe that corporal punishment is not right for their students. They do not believe that a school official should be able to punish their child in such a manner.        

All in all, corporal punishment is a big argument between the citizens of the united states. I believe that corporal punishment should be banned in every school in the country. Corporal punishment has been banned in prisons, military training, and any place with animals. If corporal punishment has been banned in those places, there is not a good reason for some schools to still allow corporal punishment to still be used. Corporal punishment in younger children has been linked to vocabulary and learning problems later on in their lives. This fact should be good enough for people to want it banned in schools.

A child should not be able to be given corporal punishment in school, if they have done something bad enough to the extent corporal punishment should be used, the parent of that student should at least be called to the school to do the punishment themselves. A student should feel safe inside a place where they are supposed to be learning skills. They should not fear corporal punishment each and every time they walk into a school building. Corporal punishment should be treated like bullying, and each time a school official uses corporal punishment they should end up in court paying high fines or spend a month in jail t show them how the students feel when corporal punishment is used.        

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