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In the media they covered how many schools between New York, California, and other U.S. had many problems with discipline in the public-school system and how it disrupts student's education. In one article you find how some students thought it was bad but wished they would clarify the offense before punishing the students with a suspension or even expulsion. They usually punished more of the minority in schools than any other person, students said it impacted their education because then those other students who were well behaved had to witness the teachers taking time from classroom lessons to discipline the students.

In New York parents were worried about their teenagers when they got expelled from the high school. Parents rallied together to let the school system know that they need to do more to keep their students in school and not give up on them from the first signs of problems. They even said as parents they do so much to encourage their child to get an education so why aren’t they helping and giving students from k-6 suspensions and expulsions. The school system wanted to get rid of the punishment system and put in place a counselor who can help them find a solution if the kids are having behavioral problems in class.

The public-school system was most likely punishing black and minorities more than white students. In one of the articles they looked at incidents that demonstrate that black students were getting arrested in school for minor offenses and more violently based off racial profiling of police officers one incident involved black men who are most likely to get in trouble with the law not just in the school system. In the school system they want to change the dynamic on not punishing students but getting more social work, counseling, and more people in the psychology field. Instead, New York hires over NYPD to do their jobs they were not monitored

One point the article made that was proven in the articles in which they have harsh punishments from school is that teachers were getting hurt physically by fellow students and that again they didn’t have enough counselors but cops to arrest mostly young black men. I feel that they need other alternatives before they punish the students to not completely ruin their future altogether. In the sense the school systems themselves want to cover up the number of suspensions and expulsions so they don’t have high numbers this gives very little hope for teacher trying to find the authority to discipline students properly, I think this is concerning because if the teacher doesn’t even have any form of authority to handle a student who is disrupting the class how are they helping in finding a solution for punishment.

Teachers feel they almost don’t have power when they can’t do their job, they had to take leaves because they couldn’t discipline the students because the school set a rule in place so the student is can’t get discipline properly for misbehavior. It leaves them feeling like they need to a break from the school. It's understandable since they don’t all work together to find a solution for this problem in school. That’s why they feel like they need to be aggressive on their approach on arresting teens and having officers in place to keep the peace, but this is where it gets tricky, they now fall into territory on how they had to discipline students.

One article describing a trouble student with both parents who died went on to live with other family members and he said being a trouble student he thought they would give up on him just because he was use it. Instead going to a military school, it taught him discipline and they he said they didn’t give up on him that easily they gave him guidance and hope to set him on the right path. They said he is educated because they gave him hope and didn’t just give up on him so easily like you see in many of the articles trying to justify why they need so many cops in the school system I think we need people like him who has been through that period in his life where he felt like acting out was going to let people give up on him. I also think we need people to have the students back so that will talk to them before they get in trouble with the point of no return.

The article they said in the article they reflect on how each president like Obama and Trump impact our future on how education for blacks and minorities, Obama tried to implement a future for people of all walks of life so we can be treated equally and have the opportunity to succeed in this U.S. Obama even said the times where he grew up he said educators were more forgiving and they were able make mistakes and learned from them.

Now he said they have more police presence than ever and things in school aren’t being handle the way they should with understanding and respect in my opinion. I feel that president Obama had a point the school's system and society are quick to discipline without finding the real solution to the problem and therefore it causes so many violent arrest and deaths in minorities because of the stigma in society. While, our president now has only made it difficult to be equals as a minority he stereotypes people says they are the problem but, it's not the problem we have put a band aid on everything and not dealt with the problem first hand.

This being said all publics school, school administrators and law officials are pointing out problems but they aren’t many of them thinking outside the box to find solutions and not taking students into consideration when making discussions and are quick to punish the student with their zero tolerance policy and not bring professionals and people in social and psychology to better access the situation before making a final decision on whether the student get suspended or expelled.

I also do understand why they are quick to punish the students but still think it's necessary to take steps instead of covering, masking, and not resolving the issues among the U.S. school system. I also think they should involve more of the parent's decision so that they can be more accountability in the student and making them aware on what can they do straighten the student's misguidance.

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