Developmental of Behaviorism

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Researchers Jacqueline Trouillas and Patrick Mertens have written in the article about four common stages they experimented in the brain development of a sensorimotor stage child. I am only going to be talking about Maturation of the central cerebral regions which is stage four. Stage four is mostly about seeing the individuality of a child when growing. On how smart one is without their parents helping at all. (Afif, A., Trouillas, J., & Mertens, P. 2015) When I was reading towards what the characteristics for a two-year-old should be I came upon: pointing to things, knowing names of people, says sentences two to four words, understands instructions, names pictures in books, kicks ball, and can hop one leg at a time. When I was observing the two-year-old, he seems to be in peace.

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“Developmental of Behaviorism”

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He does not ask for mom only auntie and nana. He seems to copy everything his brother does. His older brother is his role model for what I have seen. He loves to play outside and to talk a lot even though we cannot seem to understand very good what he is trying to say. He is a very loving kid that loves hugging and if you say stop or trying to make him understand he is doing wrong he understands and cries. I think it has been a month since I have seen him. He left with his dad to home in Grand Junction and left his older brother back at grandmas’. My parents went to go visit him last weekend and he is so big and smart. He talks, and we can understand everything he says. I had read that kids at age two get hit with their vocabulary suddenly and can be understood to what they’re trying to say.

In this article the researcher’s experiment was for them to see the attachment of a child and his mother and how they would react for them leaving. If they would cry and hug them when they would come back it meant they are attached to them, and if not, they had insecure attachment. From what the researchers have experimented was with 17 children. 16 of them were concrete stage graduates and only 1 was not. They said that it was common with many other groups and same backgrounds. Many had the same scores except the one with bad environmental experiences. What I mean by scores is by same behaviorism score they did while overviewing these children. Over time of reviewing many other groups, the numbers kept going down from 17 to only 5 people in a group. They were just trying to figure out the same type of answer of some specific children. (Southard, M., & Pasnak, R., 1997) The child that I am observing is with the grandmother yells and says, Why don’t you love me? to his grandmother. When his step father came out of jail, he took care of the two boys while the mother was not at home to take care of them herself.

After a month of taking care of them he decides to head back home. He left both the children with the grandmother. The five-year-old is constantly only looking at the tv if not he is mad, sad, confused. He constantly cries for his mother wanting to know when she is coming home. One day when I picked him up at day care he was real upset about something and did not want to go home with me. I asked, what is the matter? He responded with I thought you were my mom, I just miss her, it broke my heart hearing him say this. He is always had his grandma and his brother with him, but ever since his mom left and then his step dad left, he felt empty. A month after his step dad had left his little brother left with his father back home and he stayed with his grandma. I would understand why he feels so lonely. Everyone has left without saying anything. We have tried getting him help with a counselor, but without any parent here the counselor will not accept to help him.

The reason towards I decided to research the behavior of a five-year-old and a two-year-old is because of these two brothers. I have known them since they were born, and I am so sad on how I discovered so much about them. When I started this class, the professor told me about a research paper. I instantly thought about these two boys. These two boys have been through a lot and I’ve noticed that the oldest one was more affected towards the separation of his parent then the smaller one did. About a week ago now the small one was with my mother, so they facetimed the older brother and he seemed to be happy to see his brother, but the only thing he wanted to know when the step dad was going to go visit him and take him with him.

He was so upset that we wanted him to go get him and take him with him. It didn’t matter if he was with his nana all he wanted was one of his parents. I have no idea exactly why it didn’t affect the smaller one as much as it did to the oldest. I always thought it would affect the smaller one more than the oldest, but it all was backwards. Both children are with a permanent guardian. The 5-year-old is with his Nana; he has been with her for over a month now. The young one is with his dad up in Grand Junction and we can see him whenever and seems to be happy to be with him. The mom is now in an addiction clinic up in Denver and can’t see her children until they know she is doing better.

Towards this paper I’ve realized that many teens/ adults struggle with life because they have grown up in an unstable home. When kids grow up like this they always seem to be depressed or can’t trust anyone. Every time the 5 years old Nana goes to work, he cries when she comes back because he thinks that he’s going to abandon him like everyone else has. I am glad I had the opportunity to write about them. This is a hard topic for many people, but I was able to talk to my aunt about it and she agreed for me to write this about her daughter’s struggle. My aunt has cried through it all and she’s just glad everything is falling in place and was glad I was there to help with any type of problem. I was there to observe the children’s behaviors and was able to participate for them to feel loved and cared for.

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