Ostracize of Ben in the Fifth Child and Margaret in a High Wind in Jamaica Novels

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The Fifth Child novel portrays similarities to A High Wind Jamaica Novel since they discuss related topics. Both books display the role of parental care in family matters. Doris Lessing is the author of The Fifth Child while on the other hand, Richard Hughes is the author. In both cases, it is depicted that out at least one of the children in the family is excluded in participating in particular affairs. This essay explicitly discusses the manner in which Ben and Margret get ostracized by both children and adults, accompanied by manners in which this happens and the differences in the forms of exclusion.

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“Ostracize of Ben in the Fifth Child and Margaret in a High Wind in Jamaica Novels”

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Ben in the Fifth Child Novel is born with some distinct features. Firstly, he is the fifth child of David and Harriet. The duo came into marriage after meeting in the office party. After that, they went ahead to purchase a big house that would accommodate their family once they settle. Another distinct feature that is observed from the Ben at early times is the violent moves he made while in his mother’s stomach (Lessing, Doris, 24). Lastly, he is born one month earlier which did not happen to his siblings. He is said to be proactive in growth rate and leaning on how to walk.

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